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Sim cannot ask if single with Patreon version of OKW

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So I've recently downloaded the (presumably) latest version of OKW directly from the Patreon site, and for some reason, the action to "Ask If Single" has disappeared and my Sim can no longer ask another sim if he or she is single (at least in the "Romantic" action tree).


I read in some forums that that action has been moved to the "Friendly" tree but "Ask if Single" is not there either. Also, those same forums also say that "Ask Sign" has been move to "Friendly" with "Ask If Single" but in my game, "Ask Sign" is still in "Romantic" while "Ask if Single" is absent.

Is there anything that can be done as far as the OKW mod is concerned?

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It's been a long time since I've seen Ask if Single and started to wonder if you were in the wrong forum - which brought me here.


Ask Sign shows up under either friendly or romantic depending on things I don't know about. I know you can flirt and if they have any form of partner, the notification tab will reveal it and then I just have the sim apologize.


As a user of Master Controller I find I just blow through anything that concerns me instead of worrying about a pure experience. I lost that right as soon as I started using scripted mods.

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It is definitely KW that is the cause of this. If I keep everything the same but remove KW and related animations, etc., then the interaction is available. I have the public build 409 version, so I don't know if that is different from the Patreon version that you mention, so it seems like the problem was introduced in one of the later versions of the mod.

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