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[req]sexlab succubus mod

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well,sorry for my poor english

I got an idea for  sexlab spell,ranks,perks and shout.


vampire need to feed blood everday,

then,what is a Succubus need for every day?

well,if it is possible,why not make a succubus mod that turn female into a succubus,not just looks like.

a succubus by everybody knows,need sperm never day.

 the sperm can be obtain by sex,rape or other sex action(if sexlab support)

the more sperm inside,the more power the succubus will get,(like full feeded vampire?)

like Sexlab Procreation,sperm will die after few days,so a succubus needs to keep on sex to maintain she's power

and use sexlab Record,make some succubus ranks,more sex,more power,skill,magic,shout and even perks.

well,it just an idea to make thouse sex magic or shout come with reason,no strange that a succubus can do those right?

just like better vampire mod did for the vampire race,why not make a succubus mod ,gain power through sex,sounds reasonable is't it.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.