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Starting Over From Scratch.


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I have noticed people have been having issues with Sexlab mods lately. I myself cannot even play my Skyrim game and get a character past level 10 before the CTD's occur. I have posted some help and descriptions on previous forums but they have gone unanswered. That's fine for me everyone is busy and have their own problems. I thought in my given situation its probably best for me to start over from scratch. Take Skyrim, Nexus, and Steam off my laptop entirely and reinstall anew. Then once that is taken care of I can refocus on getting my mods back. Just wanted to thank everyone who responded to my concerns that their advice did not go unheard. I do not have internet and my cellphone has reached its limit also I am moving into a new home in the following couple weeks. I probably won't be on much if at all. I'll see you all in a few weeks hopefully and take care. :)

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I kinda did the same thing only I uninstalled Skyrim with the intent of no longer playing it as I was getting sick of it working fine one day and not even loading past the load screen before CTDing the next when I haven't even installed anything new. However, I only lasted about two days before I installed it again and got some of my mods back.

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For me the worst is that Bethesda released a game so full of bugs, charge 80 bucks(when released) and thanks to the modding community fixing many of their crap keeps making money, this was my first game from them, and before buying it I didn't know the company, for many years I've played only japanese RPGs, then I got a powerful computer and the clerk recommended me the game, and man it's been the most annoying game ever, then I learned about Fallout with the same crappy bugs, and I don't get it, why would anyone who knows this company's reputation buy their games? You don't see that in Japan, the gaming community would destroy them, just look at how did it go to the xbox there, and I could care less for the money, I spend more importing the games from Japan, it's the principle, I'm only playing this game thanks to the modding community but I'll never buy something else from Bethesda.

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I have the lab, 100 mods, and dirty edits on top of those mods, I hardly remove anything that I install, and Skyrim is doing fine. I have a CTD every two days, but then again, that is like the nomal CDT count for Vanilla Skyrim. Or if not CDT at least the normal amount of times you have to reload your save because something weird happened.


If you start from scratch, try not to use the same mods, unless they are vital things like SKyUI and the like.

I mean, if you are going to play the same game again, at least make it look a bit different .

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