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Susanna's wounded skin for UNP?


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Has anyone tried to port Susanna's wounded skin for UNP?


At first it seemed simple.


Replace:  Data\meshes\clothes\wounds\woundsusanna_1.nif  by a UNP shape


And edit the shape to point to a custom skin (like the UNP Injured bodies).


The nif file renders well in nifscope. I can look at the UNP version of the wounded skin in CKeditor when I look at it as a standalone item.


However, once my NPC is wearing it, she appears simply naked with the same body shape. 

As if I did not change the texture assignment in the nif file.


I am stumped....



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Unfortunately, it's not quite that simple.


If you open up the original wounded nif, you'll notice that the wounds themselves are on separate strips of polygons that lay on top of the female body.  Porting the wounds over to a custom body as Bethesda has done it is going to be a pain in the ass, especially for UNP as it has over twice the vertex count as the vanilla body.

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Ugh.... I was hoping to avoid having to create a custom race just for a dead body.


I guess that's the only solution then...


Edit: I ended up editing my copy of The Spice of Life (TSoL0 and added a new SusannaDead race pointing to the right skin. Not as clean as I would have liked, but at least I don't have to look at those ugly pixelated wounds pasted on top of a UNP skin :)




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