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Model Collision

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Non porn-question ahoy. I did a simple house model for testing purposes but couldn't get the collision to work. It infact crashes or freezes the game when going near the model ingame.



This is when the model didn't crash the game when it's loaded. It did load and let me approach it once but later it stopped the game when it loads all together.


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A few months ago, I modeled some stone walls and had similar issues.


I took a look at your House. The collision geometry looked ok in blender and Nifscope, but when I put it in the CS and tried to preview, it locked up the CS. I then opened it again in Nifscope, and a second window with one of my wall pieces. The Collision Nodes were very different. You have a lot of extra data, and I seem to remember simplifying mine to get it working.

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19 hours ago, NotGodOKay said:

Не порно-вопрос ахой. Я сделал простую модель дома для целей тестирования, но не смог заставить столкновение работать. Он фактически вылетает или замораживает игру при приближении к модели в игре.



Это когда модель не сбила игру при загрузке. Он загрузился и позволил мне подойти к нему один раз, но позже он остановил игру, когда он загрузился все вместе.

шланг.ниф 23,96 Кб · 2 загрузки

civ4 format





There is such an option (a simple collision for a single house, this model should not be used to scale such houses, there will be low fps in the game if there are a lot of houses) I did not correct the normals on the mesh after export - laziness, additional groups are lost (shadows on the faces because 3ds max doesn't seem to support it).


I was unable to create an MOPP array, I do not remember how to do it correctly, so a simple collisionimage.jpeg.56836301a33050ffca73e3c2339f9703.jpeg

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There are some nif that does not need a _dds.  But the house should have one to create the 3D effect, the joints between the bricks. Or you have a smooth surface.

Yes xxxx.dds and xxxx_n.dds must be dds files.


I changed the textures like this



All vanilla textures . but UV Map slightly changed




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1 hour ago, NotGodOKay said:

Как заставить пользовательские текстуры работать? Какой формат должны иметь файлы dds?


Также как производить материальное воздействие на коллайдеры? (Камень, дерево и т.д.)

dds (multiples of 16 - 16x16,32x32,...,512x512 etc),  png seems to work too, but it's better not to risk it


In nifscope, you will find it yourself in the properties of the collision/

Or you can set it up in the blender 249b, if the convenience of the interface is important to you. 

Also, all this can be configured in 3ds max, in the properties of the bhk modifier, but this can be found in the skyrim tutorials - the essence is the same.


For Skyrim, it works through the ass, it's better to use a chunkmerger there and adjust manually later.

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Textures dds    name.dds  name_n.dds   or a glow texture name_g.dds

dds:  DTX1  or DTX5  or A8R8G8B8

Most objects use DTX1


And endings

  "_n"-suffix: Tangent-space normal-map

   "_g"-, "_glow"- or "_emit"-suffix: Glow-map
   "_hh"-suffix: Gloss-map for hair, no alpha
   "_hl"-suffix: Detail-map for hair, alpha is opacity


EDIT: Oops yes, forgot the dimensions

Yes 16x16 . . . 256x256  . . . 1024x1024

And you can use  dimensions like  256x512  or 1024x512.

Depends on how your UV map is designed in the nif.  Example: The Oblivion paitings stretch one side  so they use 258x128 textures.



The collisions setting in the nif files


To get the right sound when you hit an object you change the Material in the nif collision


But first you set in bhkRigidBody if it is static or moveable (misc mesh)


OL_clutter of items like books, plates, cups, ingredients,...







To change it you double click the OL_   name  and you can open a list




And to get the right foot sound

OL_TERRAIN   it is used for big rocks





And in the bhkRigidBody  you must set his. 






In vanilla oblivion are nif with wrong settings, e.g. the Paint brush. If you drop them from inventory they will hang in the air because the settings are like static objects.



And you set the material in the bhkMoppBvTreeShape, bhkConvexVerticesShape, bhkCapsuleShape, bhkBoxShape, bhkListShape,  . . .  or whatever you use






...  and many more        double click the HAV_ name and can open a list





A house nif (interior and exterior)  is set to



and material to

HAV_MAT_STONE  or a wooden stable to HAV_MAT_WOOD



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