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Fallout: Nuka Break - Season 2 is out!


Check it out here:




Episode 1:



Episode 2:



Episode 3:



Episode 4:



Episode 5:



Episode 6:






Fallout: Nuka Break - Season 1





Fallout: Nuka Break [Fan Film]







Fallout: Nuka Break - Red Star [Fan Film]








Fallout: Lanius [Fan Film]


From a different group of people comes another fan-made movie, set in the Fallout Universe. It is about the origin story of Legate Lanius, one of the main antagonists who appeared in Fallout: New Vegas.






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Outstanding link! Not the fan film I had expected it to be. There had been another one I remember from a year or so ago that was also done and it was just as good. I think my favorite part of both flicks is the cameo that Vic Mignogna makes. In both he played the crazy junk merchant lol. If you don't recognize the man or the name, he is mainly known for his Anime and game voice work.


All the same, well worth the watch.

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Much as I like FO stuff and appreciate a lot of work put into this and the lore stuff, I thought it was a bit slow and humourless, and barely made the end, too much footage of walking between stuff happening. It doesn't inspire me to want to go play the game as much as I would hope for it to do. It got unbelievable in the SuperMutant fight and outcome. I liked bits like the shopping trolley trader and opening fight, the Securitron sherriff, but the bits in between had me hitting fast forward.


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I partly agree, I think the mini series they did some while ago captured a lot more of the humorous side of the Fallout universe.


Nevertheless, I think it was really well made for a fan film. 


I've linked the earlier film and series in the OP, if someone wants to check them out.

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Well I know when the author of the Clear Skies created Clear Skies which was based on EVE Online and Half Life, CCP, the developer of EVE, joined in on the project and helped them build the series. Hell they even let them sell the series as DVDs in the end.

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Guest carywinton

I have all the original series here stored at my datacenter. I have been hanging around with those folks for about 5 years now. All really nice people too.

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Added links to season 2 to OP. 


Added link to Fallout: Lanius to OP; this is another fan-made live-action movie, made by a different group of people.


If anyone knows about some other good fan-made Fallout-based films, let me know and I'll add them to the OP.

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I had already watched Nuka Break, and the first season, but really impressed with how they stepped it up with redstar and season 2. They always had the goofy Fallout vibe nailed, but we see some of  the grim dark showing here with the latest creations. It's at least as good as most stuff you can find on network tv. Some corporation should really look into funding these guys.

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