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Hi peoples.  First I wanted to say I love what you've done here.  Fantastic job, all.


I'm currently using two mods from here (a lot of them actually, but two I need help with), TrueCrime and LoversBitch.  I have the update part for TrueCrime that changes the jail outfit to shackles on the feet, etc.  What I was wondering is, since I don't use or like the overly large breast sizes, how would I go about fixing the tops in these two mods to not equip/give the top item when in jail or in the 'dog house'?  I thought changing them to unplayable would work, but one of them is already set to that, plus when I try to save anything with LoversBitch, it refuses to because of a script error?


Thanks in advance for any replies.


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If you don't mind the shackles on your wrists/neck being removed, you can move femaleupperbody.nif and femalelowerbody.nif from "meshes\characters\_male" to "meshes\clothes\Prison irons" and rename them to upperbody.nif and lowerbody.nif. You'll have to delete the ones already there, but it'll replace the Prison Irons meshes with your regular nude ones.

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Ooooo, neat and thanks.  I usually use the E size.  You rule.  ^^  Oh, also I wanted to ask real quick about Lovers being compatable with Franseco's Overhaul things.  I tried it, but I kept missing meshes on things like mudcrabs and bows.  Wasn't sure if it was faulty, or if something might be getting overrode.  Not a big deal either way, as I'd rather have these than that and OOO worked before.  ^^

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I'm not sure if this will help you, but I was having mesh issues with francesco missing meshes and found that the franewitems.bsa wasn't being loaded due to some changes in tha last patch. I was advised to rename it to

Oblivion - FraNewItems.bsa and that fixed it for me

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I got Fran's to work now.  Found a 4.5 version that fixed all the missing meshes/textures issue.  I removed a few of these mods, since I wasn't able to find a suitable balance in their settings.  I was wondering if there was a way to choose a fixed animation to always occur durring rapes.  For instance, I still use TrueCrime.  Is there a setting in the script to 'ommit' certain animations from being picked?  Probably not and probably been asked before, but I always sucked at forum searches.



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