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[WIP/Ideas] Plug ins to play as a dominant male


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Hi All, 


I have finally got Sexout up and running again and have some time to do a bit of modding. 

I love what is going on with the SexoutNG work, and the amount of assets now available. What I have found not quite to my taste is the lack of mods for people wishing to play as a straight male, who sits somewhere on the line of dominant/manipulative scumbag.  Playing as a particularly unfortunate heroine who is taken advantage of by all and sundry is not my thing. That's not to criticise the work, but I want to play as the person causing the carnage. 

So, I am going to do something about it. I am going to release a series of mods for use with SexoutNG with this focus in mind. I am going to list what I am working on below, but any ideas and feed back would be appreciated. 

At this stage I plan to have no required .esm of my own, I want to rely entirely on Sexout and Zaz, but if it becomes necessary later I am not ruling it out. I just want to set up a series of stand alone mods. 



Goodsprings: That's right, my first few mods will be yet more mods in and around good springs. 

I want a badge like yours - WIP

This will follow on from completion of both the Ghost Town Gun Fight quest in good springs AND the installation of a sheriff in Primm. Setting up Prim with a Sheriff gets you thinking. If a back water like Primm has a Sheriff, why doesn't Goodsprings, and who better for the job?

v1: Quest to become sheriff of Good Springs. End will see you rewarded with the Perk "Sheriff of Goodsprings". - 90% complete.
v2: This will see you presented with a number of ways to use/abuse your position. Ever wanted to see Sunny in cuffs? Well that's a lot easier when your the sheriff

v3: A way to do this after siding with the powder gangers. This will require modifcation of Run Goodsprings Run to leave Sunny and Trudi alive

v4: A series of quests to allow you go grow and shape good springs according to your schemes. (Schemes are as yet to be determined)



This town aint big enough for the both of us - Idea stage


This will require you be at least some of the way into expanding Goodsprings. The main problem with the Prospector Saloon? It's small. It's small and has no room for dancing girls. So, you will commission the building of a larger saloon. With Can Can Girls, Cheap Booze, and a lively atmosphere. And bedrooms upstairs for discerning guests. This will of course put you on Trudi's bad side, but there are a number of ways to deal with her...



Home, home on the range - Idea Stage


I never quite understood why good springs had so many big horners wandering around and no ranch/rancher. It's not Pete, he sits on his ass all day, and that guy with the rake is too busy raking...  This mod sets up a ranch on the edge of Goodsprings. And what does a ranch need, workers. Farm girls, milk maids, and what is a rancher to do then...?

More Regions and Mods to be added as ideas come in, so please, suggest away. 



Undecided, somewhere feasably techie. 


Mod: (Will require Old World Blues/Dead Money)

You don't look so good, let me help you with that...


The auto docs were great, as were the lobotomites. And the cyber splicers. This mod will allow you to convince a follower to use an auto doc, which you then reprogram. The reprogrammed auto doc will modify your character with a few potential outcomes. Intended to work with Veronica, Cass and potentially Sunny. 


Suggestions welcome as to what to do with them welcome.




Override - 


Retain appearance and personality, but with a keyword to make them do whatever you say


Behavior Modification: 


Cum addiction -

Follower will approach you once or twice a day begging to be fed. "Hungry" followers will be able to be convinced to various things to earn what they crave. Public sex, sex with strangers. I really want to get this one up and running as I would like to combine it with a way to "reward" your followers with time spent as a boxed girl in highly populated areas. Chris's resources really do deserve to be used. 


Nymphomania - 

Similar to above, however will be easy to convince to sleep with anyone, and anything, for your amusement. 


Feral - 

Modification to the brain, leaving the victim in an animalistic state of reduced intelligence. Dog, pony, cow, depends just what state you want to leave your follower in. 


Appearance modifiers:

Cow Girls. Of the milkable variety. 

Maybe an excuse to use some of the resources from breeders on your followers if I can get permission? Symbiotes etc. 


Mod: (Will require Old World Blues/Dead Money)

Let there be light...


Similar to the above, however will work with a none companion NPC (to be decided). This mod will see you "save" (sacrifice) the NPC. The beneficiary of your attentions will be saved, forever, immortalised as a hologram personality. Of course, whilst you faithfully copied their neural net into the holo device, holograms could be reprogrammed. 

More Regions and Mods to be added as ideas come in, so please, suggest away. 

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The thing that would be in your mod that it would go well with other mods, Solicitating Schoolgirl (when it will work fine), but also others. After if you want the player or the player can become wicked should you can combine it with Solicitating female companions (always in line with those of other mod Solicitating Mavia) or could make their living hell, but your mod if it applies well with others is very interescent.


Should also be able to play with a woman

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Funny, yesterday i began installing mods for this game and was wondering why most mods are female PC oriented. Had this trouble when i began installing mods on Oblivion. I was even going to open a topic asking ppl which mods are male oriented :D

Don't mean to offend or disrespect the makers of the mods.

I like playing with a male PC, raping everything that moves. The women of Tamriel know me, hate me, love me. And now the women of the wastelands are starting to know me :D

So i support you idea, and looking foward to see it in action :)

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Quick update for everyone, work on this is still going on, so all is good there. I have also started playing TTW. 


For those that don't know, TTW is Tale of Two Wastelands, and lets you play FO3 and FONV together, as one campaign, in one game. The current version is a new vegas mod, so in theory all content designed to work in FONV should work in TTW. I will be modding so that my mods work in TTW but I will try to make sure they play properly with FONV. There will be no requirement to use TTW, but there will in a couple of areas be requirements for Dead Money and Old World blues. 


I will not be modding anything to play from the POV of a female character. I don't play as one, and don't have the time. I will however give anyone who wants to do so permission to adapt the work to do so. Whilst I won't do it myself, I have no interest in standing in someone's way either. 


Provided it isn't too hot to work this weekend, something should be out by Sunday. 


new ideas added, see first post. 

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Hi All, 


Thought I would chip in with an update on where I am. Modding time was reduced this weekend as my wife wanted to go for a day trip which also involved playing with long bows and cross bows, so we did that. 


I have however been working on these mods and the good springs based one is starting to take shape. 


Quest is in place to allow you to become the Sheriff of Good Springs (though currently it won't launch, if anyone wants to save my tired brain a headache and tell me what is wrong with my script I would appreciate it, if not I will get there eventually) I think it is prob to do with the quest type I am using. 




scn DPIWASBstage10triggerSCRIPT
begin GameMode
if getStage DPIWASB < 10 ;checks quest has not already started
if getStage VMS16 == 100 ;checks Ghost Town Gunfight was won
if getStage nVPrimmDeputyConv > 100 ;checks Primm has a new Sheriff
setStage DPIWASB 10 ;starts quest



New building added to Goodsprings - Sheriff station. Based on the Patrol station just south of Primm, the inside however is being rebuilt to be more useful. My plan is to start it fairly plain than allow you to add toys to your cells as you play on and bring Good Springs more under your influence. 


Dialogue started for a quest line where you basically use police harassment of Sunny Smiles to make her your play thing. 

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I kind of have an idea/suggestion for Honest Hearts content.  I'll use your format so it's easier to read.



Zion (or somewhere you see fit.  If they escape the valley it'd be kinda difficult to set up the mod...well setting)




The Wild Life  (Not a very good name,  though the quests have cool names)


Free Your Mind of Sorrows and a parallel quest I Can Beat a Dead Horse 


After you either help the tribes escape the war with the White Legs or help them keep the valley a few members of the Sorrows and Dead Horses begin to look up to the player character as they did Joshua and Daniel.  The goal would basically be to convince several members of both tribes to leave the Sorrows or Dead Horses and from there work to make your own tribe,  or brainwash them into becoming a cult following.  Whichever you choose the possibility of developing a harem is present (sexout content).


I Can Beat A Dead Horse:

If I remember correctly the Dead Horses were more warrior oriented and the Sorrows more spiritual.  So the methods of coercion would be different for both tribes and specific prospective members.  Dead horses obviously admiring "heroic" and physical feats like leading a hunt for a strong or rare animal, climbing cliffs,  swimming the entirety of the canyon rivers, beating their best and most skilled warriors in friendly competition and sparring session (target practice,  foot race,  showing some of the women your sexual endurance/skill, etc.)   Maybe rescuing a woman from pack of coyotes *wink wink.  nudge nudge*


Free Your Mind Of Sorrows:

The Sorrows are swayed by philosophical talks and nature walks. [insert S.P.E.C.I.A.L/skill checks here for the tribal symposiums]  They'd be happy if you could explain nature in ANY way from strength to agility,  maybe luck or scouting missions.  Medical knowledge,  debunking the father in the cave myths by leading them through his old hideouts,  further debunking the fear of exploring pre-war ruins.  Basically showing them the player has a vast amount of knowledge of the world,  both "civil" and "wild".  For more sexual content you can exhibit your knowledge of the female form as well (cunnilingus or other).


If You Can't Beat Them:

Then FORCE THEM!  A few female prospective members just can't be convinced by the player character (maybe they're just hard to convince,  very demanding SPECIAL and skill checks, or maybe they just don't like the player,  who knows at this point).  If this happens,  say with walking cloud,  you may need to just take her in the dead of night like a black bird singing.  Make her a breeding/sex slave for the tribe,  make her an example to those who would deny your tribe their proper place in the valley (expect repercussion for this though).  I was thinking of having a choice between discreet capture,  so the other tribes don't think you're a bad guy and you can continue a diplomatic relationship with them,  or a pushy demand and conquer style where you show up and threaten unless you're given the woman you want (basically making you the new and improved white legs).  Breaking the captives into bending to your will willingly could include ZAZ animations (taking a hint from the Legion),  forcing them to fuck animals,  etc.  Hell maybe some of these tribes women just want to be taken so they feign a disinterests and hope you just steal them away after they hear the stories of your tribes nature.


This Man's Tribe or Duality:

After the form of your tribe/cult it's time to expand.  Further the influence of the [enter tribes name here] by setting up more camps or something or other.  Form a Harem if you wish and breed a few tribal women (using pregnancy and whatnot if it isn't too harsh a task,  I was working on a House version of SOFO that was using Pregnancy before SSR came out,  and now I kinda just wrecked it.  Had to do lot's of re-installs and forgot to remove the plugin from the data folder,  so now that's gone until SSR gets developed a bit more.  Bottom line,  can be time consuming and rough)  If S.O. Pregnancy is too complicated implication through dialogue should work.  


As I read all this back to myself it seems like a lot as well as not so much sexual content.  Still,  it's a neat idea I think.  Maybe I'll try and do some of this myself  :P

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Just thought I would post another quick update. 


First of all, thanks to jjx2, I like your idea's. I will do what I can to get some of them in somewhere along the line. 



Now, on to the update. 


Had a bit more time today so have got some stuff actually done. 


Still working on "I want a badge like yours..."


The quest now launches properly provided you have completed "Ghost Town Gunfight" and "My Kinda Town".

Quest now runs properly, considering making it have a little bit more in the way of requirements/content but don't want this bit to take too long, after all, you already had to save the town and get Primm a new Sheriff to get this far. 


Goodsprings now has a Sheriff's station. It's modelled on the Nevada Highway Patrol station so you have a reasonable amount of space. 


Have started work on the inside of the Sheriff station. For now have  been working on architectural modifications, only got to the main room so far.

The layout of the Sheriff station has been adjusted so that it looks like a functional Sheriff station. Desks in more sensible positions, better layout of the waiting room etc, you also now have your own bedroom (very small, has a bed, a bedside table, a lamp and a skill book. Bed is a player bed and gives "Well rested" bonus."


Tomorrow I need to finish the main room, add the armoury and tidy up the cells. After that I can finish the quest line off and give you your perk and that will be the first quest complete. At that point I will do a minor release here and on Nexus as there will be no adult content up to there, and it will work as a decent way to beta the mod. The mod up to this point, is functional for male and female characters. 



Once that is done, I will work on adding things for you to do once you are Sheriff.


Again, for this bit any ideas welcome. So far I have ideas of busting Trudy for serving watered down booze, of course she can get off if she gets you off. I am also thinking about a plan to give Sunny a spiked drink so that she starts a bar fight, which will give you all the excuse you need to arrest her.


Any other ideas for ways to make the lives of Goodsprings female residents miserable welcome at this point. I am also thinking of ways to make Chet's life miserable, mainly because he is a whiney little bitch, but I am also tempted to go down the "Give Chet use of the town's women, provided he keeps you rolling in ammo" or  something like that as well.  I would like to get at least one update out with something to do tomorrow. 

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Are there going to be less-shady methods of bedding Trudy and Sunny included in this, while still remaining dominant?  It just strikes me as odd as doing the good character-type quests by siding with Goodsprings, and then going straight into bad guy things like blackmailing the women and such.


Also, a must-ask question: how well will this work with the Improved Sunny Smiles Companion mod?  It's fairly popular, especially due to its compatibility with other Sexout mods.

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Hi, there will definitely be none shady methods, however it will take time for me to come up with them and write stuff. Suggestions both shady and none shady are always welcome. At the moment, the typical scenarios like saving them from something are kicking around, but I really would not want to subject anyone to a romance mod written by me. It would be awful. Utterly utterly awful. I am just working on the stuff that is easier to write first.


Regarding the Improved Sunny Smiles Companion Mod, my intention is to make is as compatible as possible. Shady methods that see you completely change the way Sunny interacts with the town will likely be incompatible. I'll do my best, but if both mods are editing the same dialogue groups it will be tricky.  The less shady stuff should be easier, and should also make more sense. If you have a situation where Sunny wants to be around you, the being your companion makes a lot of sense. 


If I can't make Sunny work well, I will try to leave it so you do either or, but I don't want one mod to preclude use of the other.

My other plan is to have it so that becoming Sheriff is standalone, so if you wanted to use the Sunny Smiles companion mod, you would just skip the Sunny .esp from my mod and you would see no difference. 

As people may have noticed last weekend, my time to work on this revolves my work which is busy, my social life and spending time with my wife. So things like yesterdays heavy rain are good for this project as plans get washed out, today's unexpected sunshine leads to me spending afternoons in a beer garden. 

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Thanks for the encouragement. 


Progress was slower than hoped today, but still made some. Dialogue written and ungame up to the point where you are given your quest rewards. 


I have been testing it and it all appears to be working well. So far everything I have done should work absolutely fine with the Sunny Smiles companion mods as well. 


Done today: 

Most outstanding dialogue added to mod


Tweaked perk. "Sheriff of Goodsprings" was too long for the FONV Perk names field so you are now "Sheriff"


Perk also refers to you having a home town, but that you will have unique dialogue options wherever your authority is recognised. This will allow me to expand the usefulness of the perk as other people recognise you for what you are, a wandering Sheriff. 


I also added a minor damage increase. In the same way to Black Widow/Lady Killer/Confirmed Bachelor/Cherchez Les Femme perks, I gave you a small damage boost. As it is cumulative, I made it half as strong, 5% not 10%. 


On the downside, I introduced a dirty edit. I changed the name of Safehouse bed's by mistake by forgetting to create a new editor ID first, changed it back but was silly. I will clean this before I release. This note is much to remind me to do that as anything else. 



Looking in the CK, I did however notice a bug. The damage bonus on the gender perks is not restricted to the opposite sex, you get a flat bonus to damage. given it is cumulative, the two existing perks stack to give you a 21% damage buff. With my perk you would end up with a combined 27% buff to damage. 


For the sake of compatibility I have not changed this, I will not fix this in my mod. 


Still to do: 
Set quest objectives to deactivate as you speak to people

Set quest to actually give you your perk

Set quest to give you keys to the Sheriff station

Finish Sheriffs Station. 

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awsome. the fact that your doing anything at all is appriciated given your busy schedule. the only other mod for fallout that makes me this exited is Project Brazil. In fact the lack of sex in that mod and the obvious signs that its wanted in there is what prompted me to seek out this site. and i have been fucking (up) the entire mohave and neighboring areas since. back on point, thats alot of progress in and of itself, so if thats a slow day i hope to see a playable alpha/beta of this soon-ish. looking forward to it. also if its not to much to ask, once you get alittle closer to the "final" version, would you consider voice acting add ons? i dont know about the rest of the world but i for one dont care if the new dialogue for existing characters is done in a different voice so long as its there at all. thanks for your consideration and good luck.

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If you're worried about including a romance aspect of the mod(s) I can try and write some stuff for you when you're ready to try it out,  dialogue and conversation options and the like. Though I can't really do much outside of writing I'm afraid.  My GECK skills have pooped out.  After I lost all my progress on House's Revival Project I just stopped completely (I'd have to go back and read the Quest and Dialogue tutorial again if I actually had to set it in-game to characters).  Not saying I'm not willing to try, buuuut it would definitely take me a loooooong time to actually get it right.



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Hi again folks, it is update time. 


Been a while since the last one.  My better half deciding we were both going to be doing a healthy eating/more exercise kick, and work kicking everything up a gear has left me busier and sleepier in the evenings than normal, and I realised I had made a couple of minor mistakes in my quest so far. 


These have no been fixed, and the quest to become Sheriff is pretty much done. 


I need to work a bit on the final hand over of the keys to the sheriff station to you, and your rewards, but otherwise it is done. 


Depending on where I am in my play through, I will likely start on some of the Old World Blue's based content. 


Any thoughts on who people would like to see hologram-ified?

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