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  1. Both are interesting suggestions and I am adding them to my to-try list. Thank you. Still open to other suggestions as well. Combed the nexus and made notes of whats there already, but its a bit hard to tell from descriptions whether or not it would be of interest. Some I have tried just throw items at you and don't really have much beyond the "find and complete" objective. I like a story to them to if its available. The Hidden Skulls of Forgotten Legends was nice.
  2. It is not quite what I had in mind, but thank you for the suggestion. I will give it a try once I clean up my installed mods and make some room for it. Anyone else have anything they want to suggest? I really like the scavenger hunt/collectable type mods as it helps relieve the boredom of "run in/kill/leave" aspect of the game, forcing you to pay more attention to the levels themselves, seeing the thoughts behind the layouts, etc...
  3. Looking for more along the lines of the Witcher series cards like Yuriana's Big Booty Adventure and Buxom Wench Yuriana -Tank Healer Support Follower- adds. Already have both installed and haven't had much luck finding anything more like them. Any and all help is appreciated
  4. Guess I missed an overwrite prompt somewhere during the installation of the HDT Bounce and Jiggles files (requirement for multiple mods I was using) as one of those overwrote one of the male skeleton. Uninstalled them and the mods requiring it. For whatever reason, SoS won't detect the VictorPlexus option now, even after doing a cleaning, save and exit to desktop, load w/o SoS, save, reinstall SoS cycle.
  5. Ok, I have figured out that it is only pertaining to the VictorPlexus Average schlong. Smurf Average shows properly. Now I am really needing help figuring out how to correct this.
  6. Followed the guide, but somewhere something was messed up. Most males (possibly all male characters in the game) now have their penises INSIDE their bodies, as if they were using the female skeleton. I did install the AIO HDT pussy from here on LL and I think it overwrote the male skeleton maybe. How do I begin to try to fix this without breaking a LOT of addons. Sorry if this is in the wrong area as I followed a similar issue to here. Edit reason: typo in title
  7. Required mod has been uploaded by a new user, RazorWire. RazorWire Videos of the Wasteland Resurrected is the title on Nexus (Not sure if I can link directly)
  8. @AwfulArchdemon Well now that you've tried tactful by telling her you'd like to focus on studies you can possibly tell her something like "If you truly care about me, you'd respect the fact I want to wait. I respected you enough to be honest with you that I am not ready for a relationship at this time. but if you do not want to respect me back there can be no hope for a relationship" And I wish you luck in this. I won't be in a good position to offer advice after this post as I will be needing some myself.
  9. Those that I have clicked like I agree with and this comes after being in a similar position you are in AwfulArchdemon. I received similar advice from my female friends. I only partially agree with windpl though. Yes it will hurt and is up to her as to how to react. I disagree though that there is no such thing like polite rejection. If put bluntly, that's not polite, but being honest without saying things like "you're a muscle bound beast and i'm not interested because i'm afraid you'll crush me" or anything even close to it and you can still retain respect from her and "that guy". Also
  10. because orange is both a color and fruit wait... so why is an orange both a color and fruit?
  11. granted. the motor is so rusted it will never start else it will disintegrate into dust. I wish for all-consuming cosmic power.
  12. good news: we can change dreams as long as we realize its a dream
  13. start fusion in a freezer. how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
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