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Unable to save scripts in GECK, even unaltered ones

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 I am unable to save scripts in GECK for both Fallout 3 and

New Vegas.


Initially I attempted a very simple change, altering one word in

a character dialog. I am unable to save/stuck in an endless loop

unable to close the script editing window unless I select NO

when prompted to save upon closing the window.


 For the sake of troubleshooting I then tried opening various

scripts, CHANGING NOTHING and then saving. Same problem.

I am able to save some random scripts, but none of the ones

that do anything I'm interested in - unused scripts as an example.


 So it's not scripting idiocy on my part; I'm guessing something

is not configured correctly in the script edit window, or perhaps

I have not loaded the file correctly after opening the GECK.


 I set the file I want to alter as the master file, and only

open the main Fallout or NV file at the top. I am able to

load multiple masters, and do other tasks with the GECK

such as modding stats of weapons, character editing

and such.


 Basically, all I really want to do is change some dialog

in Animated Prostitution to use my characters' name  

and generally warp it to my own warped tastes.



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