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Problem with UNPB-BBP Mod and Head textures


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Hi everyone,


i recently began building up skyrim + mods and after first installing CBBE i began to like Trykz TCRA custom races and decided to switch to UNPB bodies.

So i uninstalled CBBE and downloaded and installed the following mod + the clothing replacers http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/20227/?tab=2&navtag=%2Fajax%2Fmodfiles%2F%3Fid%3D20227&pUp=1


According to the above linked mod (the one under "updates" but it isnt an update) this should be a stand alone with everything you need but when i create a new character the character head textures seem to be the vanilla ones. At least you can see a neck seam and rough and blocky faces in all vanilla races. The only thing i also had installed which gives extra faces is Enhanced Character edit but i also tried with deselecting it. Further i used BOSS and FNIS but i dont encounter any more errors.

Oh and one more thing BBP: doesnt seem to work. I got the idea that the physics are in that mod or am i mistaken? My skeleton is the XP 32 maximum skeleton 1.81.


I really dont have an idea what to do next. Below is my loading order which consists mainly of downloaded UNPB-BBP armours.


I hope that someone can help me. Thanks in advance!






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My guess is that one of three possible things happened:

  1. The UNPB package you downloaded didn't come with a face texture.
  2. You didn't install the textures properly. If it came with any.
  3. You are probably using a custom race which uses a different texture file path altogether.

I personally haven't downloaded MrTroubleMaker's new UNPB body package, so I don't know for sure if it came with the appropriate textures or not. The best recommendation I can give you is to download a skin texture mod like Navetsea's or Barbarian & Milkdrinker. If that doesn't work, then a mod somewhere in your load order is altering where vanilla races get their face textures from. Your load order and mod list appear to be clean of such thing though, but I could be wrong.

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Thank you for your reply.
The UNPB package contains a texture pack and i also posted in the mods thread itself and got an answer from xp32. It has been a reply to my post but it was just seemed loosely connected to it.
I just the NMM installer so i guess the installation of the textures should have been done properly.
The custom races i use , thats how i understand it, are using its own mod for body skins etc. Even if i deactivate the custom races + its master mod , i get the texture issues. TCRA ( the custom race master mod ) doesnt overwrite anything. 
I didnt know what to think of the Navetsea skin but i will check out the Milkdrinker mod and if i like the skin i will check if that solves the problem.


EDIT: When installing the the UNPB BBP package i tried it with all UNPB BBP versions and with every version i had that problem. So, even with 2.2 and 2.4



EDIT: Just tried the milkdrinker, (Which i really like, also the barbarian texture) but i still have the neck seams ... I copied the (no-fur) milkdrinker texture folder into my data folder and overwritten any file, so i couldnt have missed something. I really dont get it. 
I wonder if i could have something to do with NMM crashing while installing Enhanced Character edit. I then dont click the OK button but finish the installation of enhanced character edit which tells me that it has been successfully installed. Then i click ok on the crash report of NMM.

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Any chance you could post a screenshot of the neck seam? It helps sometimes to determine whether it's a lighting issue, texture incompatibility, or another underlying cause.


When you installed the new skin textures, did you install everything including the normal maps and subsurface scatter maps (the files that end in _msn & _sk, respectively)? Also, are you using any ENB at all? I don't see any lighting overhaul mods in your load list, so that can safely be ruled out.


Edit: nvm, I see that you copied the whole folder..

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Here is a screenshot of the seam. And yes, i am not using an ENB because i wanted to get used to modding step by step. Furthermore i have taken indeed everything from the body mod, even the skins. Right now i have the milkdrinker installed as mentioned.

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Well, the only other things I can think of that may be causing the seam are custom head meshes with a different glossiness value.. or it could be ECE. I've noticed you have Enhanced Character Edit and RaceMenu loaded together. I'm not sure if those two might be compatible, as I have had issues running the two together in the past. ECE gave me a whole lot of problems in the past, including the neck seam you're currently experiencing. Also, ECE doesn't get along very well with with Expired6978's RaceMenu mod, even though the creator of ECE says otherwise. Again, all from my own experiences using both mods together.


Go ahead and remove either ECE or RaceMenu from your load order and see if that changes anything.

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do a backup of your textures, and delete the dds files there, afetr that gt sg textures/hellosanta textures http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/35267 and decompress that (do not use the mod manager, its just a test, try that way first) log in game and seen if still with weird neck areas around, if not delete sg textures put yours from backup there, and look again, if goes cool its modmanager fault, if not its your previous textures.

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Another thing which might be causing the problem is the Milkdrinker textures, I gave them a quick spin last night and was surprised to see a neck seam using those. Oddly enough, the Barbarian variant doesn't seem to have a seam for me. I personally use only the barbarian version because of this. HoneyVanity claims that both versions are seam-free, so I'm going to assume it's something I have running on my load order as well. I hate to do this to you, but it looks like you're gonna have to remove all the mods on the load order and individually start adding them one by one until you can spot the culprit. I really can't think of anything else which could cause such a noticeable seam. But what I did notice based on the screenshot you posted for us is that either the specular map or normal map might be mismatching. Comparing the glossiness between the body and the face, the body seems to be a tad shinier than the face. It also has this strange "gritty" look to it. I've got a hunch that something is redirecting where the bodies get their textures from. It's a long shot though.

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I am already on the task of reinstalling every mod and I will try it today or tomorrow with another skin and i also got another suggestion regarding the installation of the body mods after deleting everything. 

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Good that you mention the bashed patch Mogie56 because there is one thing that i am curious about: If i install new mods which shouldnt have any lvled lists , do i have to remake the bashed patch? Further: I uninstalled skyrim and only installed the UNPB and skin stuff without bashed running and still get the issues. I will try now what have been suggested above by Johnnyred and another user in the UNPB-mod mainforum on the nexus forums. ( uninstall all and save naked in a house. something like that )




Edit: Tried it many times now and after installing Dimonized UNP and Troublemakers/xp32´s UNPB with default skins works pretty well. When i am going to install milkdrinker or barbarian skin both have a brighter head and a visible seam (gap). Maybe they are outdated?
So it seems i have to look for another bodyskin.
Do you guys have a suggestion for a slightly muscled female body skin?

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