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Guards, rape and crime.

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Hey guys.


I'd like to ask you a question.


A friend of mine told me that in his games guards always attack rapists, even from newest mods like LoversTrueCrime. However in my game I've NEVER seen this happen and I'd had Lovers installed since the first pack released at Wolflore. Hell, when it comes to Joburg rapes my character has been molested mostly by guards.


Does anyone else has this aggressive guard issue? If so, what is your load order? I am pretty sure this is not something that is supposed to happen.



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doesn't loversStopKillRapers make the guards not attack?


Hehe, no.. as far as I know.  :D

The names are pretty confusing, I think you should read it as this: lovers.. Stop and kill the rapers! Now it's pretty obvious it will do the opposite.



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Guest Donkey

Both are true, but lovers with pk spell also has some option like continue to attack after rape, if you set that to allow, when rape is over they will start fighting.

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I have never had the guards try to stop rape.


Going off the (admittedly outdated) hongfire summary (do we have a summary with brief descriptions somewhere here?) it sounds like the three 'stop rape' mods are as follows:


LoversHelpRapeVPlayer - lets companions try to stop people from raping you

LoversStopKillRaper - guards will try to stop people from raping (I think all rapes, not just people raping you?)

LoversEscapeRapeVPlayer - lets you try to save yourself by repeatedly blocking.


Of course, the only one on the list I've tried is Escape, so I'm not sure exactly what help and stop do.  But, without help and stop I've (almost) never seen anyone stop people from raping my character, guards or otherwise.



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There is an option in general settings under "sex effects" I believe, calls something like "stop (continue) combat after ... " almost last one. Sorry can't check to be sure. If "on" guards and other people will respond if someone rapes your character. Is that what you was searching for, Nightwynd?


Also It's sort of risky to turn it on, rapers may be killed and sometimes it's turn to a massacre in city. I was useing Reneers Guard Overhaul mod which has option to put criminals into prison instead of killing them if criminal is not attacking guards. Pretty immersive.

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I can not solve the problem, and the guards all the time attacking the people who rape. It seems to me that I'm using the same modes as before, because I have not had this problem. Any tips or ask the person for whom everything is working properly for a list of mods that you use and send me on pw or here.

It is also a problem with the wolf with addon LoversBitch, who rape my character and guards killed him instantly.


LoversStopKillRapers dont help with it

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