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lava in the construction set

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is it possible to see a difference between lava and water in the construction set? I'm using cs extender and have installed obliv reload or one of its predecessors that gives all water types this basic texture, if i remember correctly, wasn't all water types purple, or could you see lava in the cs?

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In the CS no different waters are used/shown,  only water00.dds


There is no water00.dds in the Textures bsa so it is purple in CS.

In the textures bsa are only 3 textures: DungeonWater01.dds , oblivionlava06.dds , oblivionlava077.dds

And in the landscape/oblivion/  folder the terrainhdoblivionlava01.dds




And some ShiveringIsle waters use object texures ??? Dungeons\Rootcaves\Rooms\RootRoomCeiling02.dds  And they are used in game.


The default water and many other waters have no textures path. So dungeons use DungeonWater01.dds, most others use no-textures-path and lava use the OblivionLava06.dds


You can add a water00.dds in your game folder textures\water\

Then all waters in the CS will use your water00.dds  Also the lava !

You can add your lava texture in the water folder and name it water00.dds

But I don't think the CS can display different waters.


Water in CS  when you have a water00.dds in your textures/water/ folder


The same water texture is used in Oblivion worlds with lava or in SE dungeons.

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