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[Request/Help] Varying Pubic Hair Styles for Women


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There is a program on Nexus called UNP body options allowing you to change nipples and pubic hair (nipples are somewhat limited)


There is a 3D pubic hair right here on LL for CBBE Bodyslide.


A lot of textures are coming with several pubic hair options.

Sorry if I wasn't clear enough, I meant for each individual NPC to have one of several predetermined styles. Like one NPC might have a landing strip and another might be shaved.

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Guest wellbredbitch

i like full on wild bush.  the way it would be in a world without emmac. 


but i'm happy with the texture my character has with the body mod i'm using, sevenity final, which is shaved completely. hopefully one day there will be a full bush option for it.

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It is already hard to give individual body textures for NPC I dont imagine anyone will bother for pubic hair.


Thus said you can try everybody's different http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/34637//? and use different textures sets with different pubic hair.


Never tried the mod myself so I cant say how good it does work, the good thing is it is still updated and worked on.


@sandpit1967 check this http://www.loverslab.com/topic/14612-relhairy-vaginas-of-skyrim-for-those-wanting-a-more-frazetta-like-look/

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Guest wellbredbitch

YEAH BABY! max fur for the win!  thanks Lordofthedread. i've dropped the sandpit monika and now use my actual name.

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hi Potatooblivon!

I heard you in your first post, though I do not speak english word!
you want to get your own body texture that all the female NPC.
I'm not a modder but I know that is difficult to implement, would make it possible for everyone to have their own NPC meshes and texture file. then you could install the textures as you want them.

I would be satisfied if each race had its own vanilla-body texture!!

Deutsch !

ich habe dich schon in deiner ersten post verstanden , obwohl ich kein wort englisch spreche !

du möchtest das alle weiblichen NPC eine eigene körper textur bekommen .

ich bin kein modder aber ich weiß das daß schwer umsetzbar ist , um es möglich zu machen müßte jeder NPC eine eigene meshes und textur datei haben . dann könnte man die texturen so installieren wie man sie haben will .

ich wäre schon zufrieden wenn jede vanilla- rasse eine eigene körper textur hätte !?!

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hi marknesbit1960!

So you like a bush in the intimate area? I prefer a slug, because one must not fight with a boyish if you even want to have sex and you have not so many fluff in the mouth while licking. :P


du magst also einen busch im intimbereich ? ich mag lieber eine nacktschnecke , da muß man sich nicht durch einen jungel kämpfen wenn man mal sex haben will und man hat auch nicht so viele fusseln im mund beim lecken . :P 

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Guest wellbredbitch

i have flipped back to full blown forest as i have gone back to unpb bbp with sg renewal textures.  in real life i get off on the ladies musk from their bush. and who minds the odd hair when you are sucking up  everything you  can get anyway.

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Guest wellbredbitch

that hairy vag mod is good thanks.  but where would i look for even more bush?  i'm talking about something like this beauty here. i could spend all day with my face buried in that mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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hi marknesbit1960!

does not look bad, I personally would be a bit too much, but that's taste. I'll tell you even a joke, but do not know if the translator that translates correctly.
goes into an american brothel, sees a young girl and says please take off, look at the poor and sees no hair, nothing says wants, look at the pussy again and sees no hair, he says nothing again wanted? said the young girl, do you want to fuck or knit!

deutsch !

sieht nicht schlecht aus , wäre mir persöhnlich ein bißchen zu viel , aber das ist ja geschmack . ich erzähle dir mal einen witz , weiß aber nicht ob der übersetzer das richtig übersetzt .

geht ein amerikaner ins bordell , sieht ein junges mädchen und sagt bitte ausziehen , schaut unter die arme und sieht keine haare , sagt nix wolle , schaut auf die muschi und sieht wieder keine haare , er sagt wieder nix wolle ? sagt das junge mädchen , willst du ficken oder stricken !!

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hi marknesbit1960!


what do you say, nice bush?
I have a few textures link for you with beautiful body that I use also.
but for me it is difficult to find good body textures, because I use CHSBHC - BBP and it has long done nothing more!
my body's version of CHSBHC - but BBP is unique, no one but me has it.
Which body do you use anyway?
that's fine if your wife is from Germany, then you can translate my text!
here the link.












deutsch !

was sagst du dazu , schöner busch ?

ich habe ein paar link für dich mit schönen körper texturen , die ich auch verwende .

bei mir ist es aber schwieriger gute körper texturen zu finden , denn ich benutze CHSBHC - BBP und für ihn wird schon lange nichts mehr getan !

meine körperversion von CHSBHC - BBP ist aber einzigartig , außer mir besitzt ihn niemand .

welchen körper verwendest du eigentlich ?

das ist ja prima wenn deine frau aus deutschland stammt , dann kann sie dir meine texte übersetzen !



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hi marknesbit1960!

nice that there was something for you.

you like a well-grown jungle and I like big breasts and round asses, but not the mega-melons. then everyone has his preferences :D

deutsch !

schön das etwas für dich dabei war .

du magst einen gut gewachsenen urwald und ich mag dicke titten und runde ärsche , aber nicht die mega-melonen .so hat jeder seinen vorlieben :D 

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Guest wellbredbitch

oh i like big breasts  and bubble butts who doesn't? i have flipped again and reloaded unpb bbp with sg renewal textures and eyebrows. i'll post a pic of her when i have a good one.

sg has a option for full bush thankfully.

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Guest wellbredbitch

the sg renewal texture optional pack has a 4k body set in it. can i run 4k textures with my nvidia gt440?

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Guest wellbredbitch

yes isn't it the dogs bollocks!  i just got a hardon watching my girl walking down the road.  i am pretty sure i will be sticking with this body. the muschi and arsehole are perfectly rendered.

and a nice bit of fur for the muff divers like me hehe.

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Guest wellbredbitch

oh i do hope so!  those tight short shorts that girls wear now would be fine too!  a little camel toe makes an old man very happy!

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+1 to OP, my thoughts exactly.


With Oblivion's HGEC system I remember a texture pack that installed different textures for each race. I chose to have my elves clean shaven, Imperials and Bretons with a light trim, and full-on fuzz for the Orcs, Nords and Redguards. It was nice to have same variety :)


Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm in no way a modder but it seemed Oblivion used to have separate meshes and textures for each race, whereas Skyrim looks like everything that isn't Argonian or Khajiit uses the same mesh and texture.

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I can remember it very well! that it gave for oblivion.
but here there are also very nice mods, look good the pubic hair.
for example: Auto-unequipping 3D meshed female pubic hair (CBBE)



REL:Hairy Vagina's of Skyrim, for those wanting a more Frazetta like look.



Cubic Hair 3D for BodySlide PP by EliteCheat


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