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Broken WhickedWhims

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Do you have any merged .package files that came with a Sim you downloaded? Those sometimes contain files from script mods along with all the CC.

Also, what about the nameless .package file right above "Resource.cfg"? Looks a little suspicious to me.


If all else fails and nobody comes up with a better idea, you might have to 50/50 through your files to find the duplicates. Luckily, you have everything neatly organized in folders, so you can just move them around instead of the individual files.

To start, take about half of them out of your Mods folder (but not WW, obviously), delete "localthumbcache.package". found in "Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4", and start the game.

If WW still complains about duplicates, swap the halves and try again (remember "localthumbcache").

If there is no warning, add half of the stuff that you just moved out of your Mods folder, delete "localthumbcache" and run the game again.

If it works, add more - if it doesn't, swap the batch you added last with what is left outside of Mods.

Keep repeating these steps to narrow it down to one single folder (ideally), then closely inspect its contents (or continue as above, now with individual files).

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