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KillaDisco Version 2 Dance Club

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KillaDisco Version 2 Dance Club

KillaDisco V2 is a nightclub, but can also be used as a strip club or for modeling auditions.
I'l try to remember to post some better ingame pictures later. I have some somewhere and video clips too. Man, it's been a while since I played this club! It's nice though; just doesn't compare to Club Landing Strip. It's the Club in Windenburg, but I've added much onto it.

The basement level floor contains the strip club with one bar, a room with 2 beds, and a bathroom with toilet, sink, and shower.

The floor beneath the strip club is for modeling auditions or taking those perfect photos of your lovely sims.

The first floor is the main nightclub area with see-through dance floors, a stereo, wall speakers, a dj booth, a bare, two small dining tables, and some seating in the small lounge area of the night club.

The second floor has a large restroom area with 4 smaller bathrooms inside each having their own toilet and sink. A larger lounge seating area. A small office with several computer desks for owners or management. An outdoor balcony dining or seating area for a couple and several exercise machines. I hope you guys like KillaDisco V2. Enjoy!

KillaDisco V2 uses items from the following packs:



Eco Lifestyle           (EP09)

Island Living           (EP07)

Get Famous            (EP06)

Cats & Dogs           (EP04)

Get Together          (EP02)

Get To Work           (EP01)

Dine Out                 (GP03)

Spa Day                  (GP02)

Moschino                (SP15)

Fitness                     (SP11)

Bowling Night        (SP10)

Movie Hangout      (SP05)

Cool Kitchen           (SP03)


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