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The Landing Strip Club

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The Landing Strip Club

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Here is "The Landing Strip Club", a spacious and luxurious strip club that works well with Wicked Whims.
I don't need to list all the features.

This video shows all one needs to see, but I've added some subtle strip club signs on the outside of the building as seen in the screenshots.

The Landing Strip Club uses items from the following packs:



The Sims 4 Digital Deluxe Upgrade (Base)

The Sims 4 Rewards

Snowy Escapes             (EP10)

Eco Lifestyle                 (EP09)

Island Living                (EP07)

Get Famous                (EP06)

Seasons                      (EP05)

City Living                  (EP03)

Get Together              (EP02)

Get To Work               (EP01)

Jungle Adventure       (GP06)

Vampires                    (GP04)

Dine Out                    (GP03)

Spa Day                      (GP02)

Vintage Glamour    (SP09)

Cool Kitchen           (SP03)

Perfect Patio           (SP02)

Luxury Party           (SP01)


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