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problems getting MCM to work ??

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My previous new vegas install was working without hitch, now i noticed mcm has moved to bsa now all sorts of error pops when hitting the esc key to go to mcm. Sometimes i get weird error about firewall but i can still access mcm after the popup is pressed away.


I am not sure what version i was using but i think i had also DarnUI but right now only MCM is not even working correctly any tips ???


I tried deactivating and reacting it in FOMM but still the errors persists.

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I hate to hijack a topic... but is there any reason the MCM is just not there for me?

I'm just running New vegas, trying to get sexout to work and not installed any other mods other than the http://www.loverslab.com/topic/3322-how-to-install-sexout/ stuff... but the MCM just is not in my pause menu.

Had no errors, no problems... but no MCM... help?


Here's the first step for getting help:


Load Order?


(Your description could have a variety of causes and your load order will help eliminate millions of those possible causes.)

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