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A question about sex animations.

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I got the xLovers mod, created some followers, but they are smaller than my main (Nord), and the sex Animations are way off. Like the girl is sitting on my chest when riding for example. Is there any way to adjust the position of the girl?



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I don't understand what you mean. 1-2-3-4....like number keys? I hit them all, nothing happened. Do I need to hold shift down and them hit a button or what? Thanks for the reply.

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If i remember correctly it was 9 and 0 to adjust the female vertical Position.

I dont know if any of you experienced the problem that the keys wont work? Or in detail, sometimes they work perfectly, sometimes the take forever to move the bodys and sometimes they wont work at all. Maybe its a load order thing...

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You can adjust the positions with the 1, 2, 3 and 4 key. Not those on the numpad. But you might need to press it a while before noticing it. And I think that the 8 and 9 keys manage the vertical movements:P..


And.. by followers, do you mean companions?  Can you tell me how you make companions? :o

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You need a lovers plugin that'll let you move the bodies. Can't remember what its called though. But if I had to guess by looking at my load order, its Lovers FSE.


And the keys are 1, 2, 3, 4 to adjust horizontal and verticle position the male(or giver), and 9, 0 to adjust the verticle position of the female(or whoever's "receiving").


I wish they'd let you use 7 and 8 or whatever to adjust the female positions though...

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Thanks for the replies.....The movements were small, so I started spamming 1 and noticed the movement. But the riding animations never save properly. Everything else corrects and saves.

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I found the solution btw...


Activate your Friends&Lovers (F&L) or Goranga Dating System (GDS) mod.

During sex scene, press the hot key from F&L / GDS mod.

& there you go: you can play lovers mod with F&L / GDS coordinates (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,-,= can be used).


Also, you too can check the coordinates using console command during sex.

Hope this information will be very useful.


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