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Universal Bulge Accessory

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Universal Bulge Accessory

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Hello! ?

I made a bulge accessory using Luumia's bulge mesh, because I always thought that male Sims were missing *something* in between their legs while dressed, and finding custom bottoms is a bit hard and not all of them look great...


It looks better on tighter pants/shorts and in the ones with simple/flat textures, but you can use it as you want! It also overlaps with some untucked shirts and full body outfits.


You can find it on Accessories > Rings, available for every category.


NOTE: Don't use it while your Sims are naked, because it will cause a distortion on the penis area.


NEW! Added an alternative version, now in Gloves category, to work properly with WickedWhims' automatic undressing.



Sims 4 Studio

Luumia for the bulge mesh




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Hey, great idea, thx!

However: The item is selectable for male sims, but doesn't show up when editing female sims - regardless of the "does this sim have a penis?" setting. Can I do something to fix that, or would that require an update of the mod?

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