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CTD with weapon mods

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hi , 


i create this topic beacause i have issues with mods weapons causing CTD everytime i try to equipe ( MK18, DESERT eagle, glock 19x,mwm4 , Giat famas),

AWCKR and AE ( Armorsmith extended) are UPDATES , i've tried to unactive mod to check if confict but no result, LOOT tell me everything good and FO4edit done , but no succes still CTD, i've Reinstall fallout 4 , no succes ,i'm using MO2 frist time i have these bugs.


If someone can help me might be great ! ( Sorry for my english ! ! )

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You need to post more information , as there are a series of Desert Eagle mods. You should have AWCKR 8.6 and AE 4.6  however, I don't think those are the issues as the CTD is likely a missing mesh or animation.     Looking at Giat Famas, I noticed it came in 4k and 2k, so  if using 4k  you might be pushing more than your computer can handle.


Please provide a mod list whenever you are looking for technical support, as it helps us troubleshoot your issue.

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124750568_Capturedcran2021-09-09033616.thumb.png.498efd90cc9d440c29a4e1c47e47058d.png113304838_Capturedcran2021-09-09033638.thumb.png.a1d8cdd2085c5bbf7d05892195b17d10.pnghey !

i got myself a new PC ( 3060 TI , Intel CORE I5-10400F 2.90GHZ, 16GB RAM, Hard Disk M2, MSI MPG Z490 GAMING PLUS)

So after sleeping on Black desert i deceide to start a new game on Fallout 4 and noticed some mods i used before (weapon mods only that why it's strange) make me crash now, atlease i can craft them, got them by console too , but as soon as i click on the weapon i crash.


i tried everything i can think of , deinstalled all the mod and  the game and reinstalled all, checked every mod, even loot find nothing , my game is clean.

I'm playing in 2 k and i have no probleme graphic in game that why i don't understand why i CTD.


If you have hints ( sorry how can i show my mod list ?)


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Same for both , i think (it's débile but) it's 2K textures for weapon ! before my 3060TI already played with these textures but cmon playing all game 2 K 50 fps -_-


and i don't think it's the probleme coz someone has the same probleme and he's playing like me on 2k monitor so , maybe that come from 3060 ? . . .

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Atlease  before i had 1050 TI and a poor I3 . . . . and that worked :D


That why i don't understand , i updated all my drivers , even windows , maybe i must change something in my ini files ? 


Thank you for help i keep searching in my corner , but nothing seems to work for the moment the wepons list who's not working at this moment



-AKM Complex ( i've played all my playthrough with the miku's skin !)



-Desert Eagle

-Glock 19x

-Giat Famas

-FNX 45



And mods who's working 

-Beretta sword cutlass








-Elysium AK

-Service RIfle

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It sounds like a lost animation file which would cause the CTD, especially if it is bring the gun up to bear.    Two different "arm" animations are conflicting.....but in such a way that it doesn't trigger warnings in LOOT or FO4edit .........


When you have considered all the possible, you must consider the impossible.

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