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  1. Going back to the early 80s British invasion
  2. I initially agreed, but then I thought of the moon shot and the "shooting from the hip" engineering that was done. Yes, I know it wasn't reckless, just had a much higher risk acceptance. Then I realize that the older I get, I have a lower tolerance of risk because I do know "how each system touches the next". So is it really reckless, the ideas of youth or is it you have a lower risk tolerance? Middle age When the narrowness of the hips and the broadness of the mind switch places.
  3. Whoa, I didn't hear about that either. That is too bad. What makes it worse is that video is censored in the oddest of ways..........used to be the moral majority would sensor the b ad words, but now we have #metoo censorship.......ah well, at least I know the song well enough to put the right words back in.
  4. That has not been my experience, as Marcy was my first test stripper, but what I was wondering was if there was an open nearby job (i.e. a food and drink stand), that she defaulted to. I noticed that with Homemaker, I can't trade with anyone assigned to a vendor (I have to reassign them to crops), so that is why I was thinking it is a conflict between Homemaker. Bottom line, I thought it was an easy fix, but what you describe suggests it is a "weird coding event", and not a bug per say. The designer or the AAF author would be the next stop.....if they are still active here.
  5. The saying used to go "Cocaine is God's way of saying you make too much money" I guess the saying needs to be updated.
  6. That is a bit more complex (maybe) as I am wondering if you built a bar first or the stripper pole first. I did not build a bar, just the stripper pole. Can you assign your own avatar to the stripper pole and it works?
  7. Yo back at ya!......So that means we have a yo yo. Welcome to LL, join in the discussions, post or download some mods and generally feel free to join in !
  8. The stage. You can make a stage out of anything, as long as it allows another item placed on top.
  9. Every site has its down time, but I am glad you found this site and hopefully it will be more than what you could ever want! Welcome to LL! Hello to you! Come in and grab some mods, join in some conversations and generally enjoy the rather diverse community here!
  10. Ok I like this video because it has the genre of music I am currently into (at this moment) and because of one of the comments asking if "I wonder if 'Bach Cello Suite No. 1" is denied to potential Cello purchasers as much as 'Stairway to Heaven' is denied to potential guitar purchasers.
  11. A couple of questions: First, when you say you put it in the modules folder, did you unpack the zip file to that directory? You should have the following files (and nothing else) in your \Steam\steamapps\common\MountBlade Warband\Modules : Native, Dickplomancy Reloaded. Second: Are you "subscribed" to any other mods?
  12. Hey, welcome to LL! Hopefully you will provide us (in another part of the discussion board, not here) with more info on how your game is coming along. Well, I am sure that we are mostly harmless......mostly. Also, always remember the truth about life: Sweet, which one are you doing SSE or oldrym? I have been debating getting back into Skyrim, but am on my fallout 4 kick right and......well ok... it is Skyrim, just with nukes and lasers.
  13. You did see this mod right? While it does not have the SKE mods, it does have buses and such to build. https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/15600-wrecked-modern-vehicles/ Also Homemaker has several of those vehicles in their decorations menus (I think that is where they are). https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/1478
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