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  1. I wonder why so many people find the 80s era so nostalgic. It could be that videos (like the one in the spoiler) are only of interest to those of my age group and I am operating in an echo chamber, so much so that I can't see it myself or was there something there? I think that for one, all the bad shit did not end up being remembered via recordable media (or at least no one moved it digital form), but while that may be part of it, most of us remembers the bad stuff that happened then (Beirut Barracks bombing, "The Day After", Star Wars holiday Special, etc.) Finally, it may be that I am unconsciously choosing to idealize my youth, as every age group does, as a time when possibilities were endless. However, I do like one of the comments that stated "In the 80s we had the freedom and imagination to dream of 21st century technology, now we have that technology and dream of having the freedom and imagination of the 80s."
  2. Listening to Diane Rehm was hard, not because of the subject matter but because her voice was so shaky it was like a 90 yr old interviewing Motley Crue. Those aren't new Pod casts are they because I thought she passed away or got fired like Jian Gilmesh (sp) for something in her past.
  3. I know these are setups and fake, but still they make me laugh. WRT OP, the attack on competitiveness (aka toxic masculinity) makes sense because if you cannot compete on the field of play, change the field. There are more losers than winners so any system based on competition will end up in a situation that we now have found ourselves in. I love it when I get told of my "privilege" because I share the same gender and skin tone as Bill Gates, but that is where the privilege ends. Basically, I tie these two things together. Someone wants to end white man's dominance, and competing wont' do it, so demonize the entire gender (and race) in order to redefine what is success. If at first you don't succeed, redefine success.
  4. Yes, I thought that it was a bad idea to clean my load list for FO4, and to my surprise......several mods were deleted. I used to count on one side to at least preserve freedom from the excess of the other side (doesn't matter which side), but now.......context does not matter, even if I turn the Brotherhood of Steel into the Nazi's that they are. However, it seems that porn remains relatively untouched. I guess communists, socialists, and capitalists of all races love porn.
  5. It does not happen in the real US Space Force.....oh you mean SF= Sci Fi
  6. I think most browsers will remember history, including the tabs that are open if it crashes out. However, if you are more security minded, you will have it so that your browser does not remember anything. In other words, I prefer my browser forgets all the stuff I look for.
  7. Wait.....what? You want me to do what??? Welcome and you are definitely the type of person who makes this site a unique and fun place! You will hopefully find (and even add your own) mods to tickle your fancy wither it is Oldrim, Newrim and/or Oblivion.
  8. There are a fair number of German speaking users here, and some should speak better German because no matter when your family left Germany (1850), you are still German (told to me by a young, attractive and helpful woman at the ticket counter in Frankfort International Airport).
  9. Which tribe am I a part of if I find this video particularly funny?
  10. OK I think every company did that, give the flag to the CC. I don't think we were even offered the choice. BTW, we did win every flag and was awarded Hall of Fame (C153) .......but I guess those records are gone since NTC Orlando is now boutique shops and homes. I don't recall seeing any 9XX company graduating with us, 4 other male companies as the women's company got disbanded after they threw a blanket party for their recruit Chief, breaking her collarbone.
  11. Some might, but I am sure there are a number of people here who would love a chance to see them as well. Welcome to LL!
  12. Better quality or only quality? I recall when four channels (ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX) became the standard (sure UHF always had PBS, but I hardly ever used the second dial). If you didn't like Dallas, you had Falcon Crest, Dynasty or some news program to pick from on a Friday night. That had the effect that we were all watching the same thing, so all those shows you mention, I know and can quote lines from. We used to joke that one of the requirements to get into the School of Engineering in the 80s and 90s was that you had to be Asian, or you had to know the whole script from one or more Monty Python movies. Having shared experiences meant that we shared some culture with everyone that had a TV, that meant that if a person from the opposite political party made a comment about "Space 1999", I knew I was dealing with a fellow Sci Fi fan and could ask "Hey have you read <X> from Isaac Asimov yet?". Having that kind of connection allowed us to see each other as people with more things in common than differences. I don't know if Europe had something similar to this for their TV sets, but in the US, the old TVs had this kind of control panel.
  13. I wonder if those coming through the late 40s and 50s thought the same, with the 60s, especially near the end and the 70s as WTF?
  14. Welcome and we look forward to reading your comments and perhaps a story line or two here at LL! Be sure to look at the blog posts here: https://www.loverslab.com/blogs/
  15. Try asking in the other forum topics. That is where people who know the mods used in the images above lurk. For example try this thread: https://www.loverslab.com/forum/80-request-find-skyrim-adult-sex-mods/
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