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  1. Hey kudos to making this a super realistic stripper pole. I keep telling myself that I helped at least a whole hospital's worth of doctors and nurses get their medical degree, one dollar at a time.
  2. Maybe they will allow modding, so we can rip out all the woke stuff and make it a version of Bloodlines that Velvet Velour would be proud of.
  3. I believe it is a derivative of this preset: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/47690
  4. Ok, these times are crazy enough that I have to ask, are these real comments made by the developer or just funny conjecture on what they really meant? I am very disappointed to hear this news, but maybe that is a good thing since I loved V:TM Redemption and thought V:TM Bloodlines was a cool sequel. Of course that was before companies started thinking becoming "woke" was a good thing. OK, I will admit, I still drink Coca Cola in spite of their incredibly dumb "woke" campaign, but I get a pass since it isn't applicable to me. As to the video, I know it is unlikely,
  5. Check with your water dept. Ours (being one of the last city owned and operated water companies) writes off a portion of your water bill, if the leak was someplace that reasonable people would not notice. Unfortunately, photo evidence is pretty much a requirement. My rental property had a leak (toilet fill valve failed), and my renters, didn't notice it because it would only shut off when the house was shook by trains that run near there twice a day. If your water company is owned by a for profit group...well.... at least pooping in the back yard makes you happy.
  6. I won't be as hard as 27X, but the 80/20 rule is not a rule but a theory and one that is hotly contested. While I shouldn't opine on this matter (I have been married for 33 years, getting hitched at 19), I will concede your point that Dr. Ruth may be out of touch, as she was providing advice way back then as well. Then again, you made some sweeping generalizations in the rest of your post. Perhaps you mean the 80/20 rule that states that 80 percent of desirable women go for only 20% of desirable men. The big difference, of course is that desirability is super subjective. I do not l
  7. Whoa! I complete forgot about that series. Guess I ended up watching more "Kids in the Hall" than "The Young Ones", but both were much better than "Absolute Fabulous"
  8. Perhaps there is a translation error, but to join discord, all you need to do is set up an account, using an email address to verify that you exist. For specific public discord servers, you can search for them, otherwise you need to get an invite from a current group user. I assume that you want a Sims 4 as you posted the question in this forum. Once you are on discord, go to the "explore public servers, and type in "Sims 4" in the search box. You will have a number of servers to select from. If you are looking for general technical help, then post to the tec
  9. Banned by LL or a specific site or just in general? Also, just for one game or any game?
  10. So is shopping in the nude with your ear pods playing your fav music, a dream come true for you? 😁😁
  11. Hmm.. I think that this trend won't be going on for too long. https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/why-more-women-are-choosing-to-be-feminine-not-feminist/ However, I am sure there will be some that will scream at you in anger and fear that they are happy dying alone.
  12. With a fair number of mods "deleted" for various reasons. I made the mistake of cleaning off my FO4 and now some mods are gone. TBH, I am not sure I will miss some of those mods, but as for prem membership, I opted for the one time lifetime payment option, back before FO4 came out. Ah well, I guess it was silly to think that web sites would be like my old issues of Dragon Magazine.
  13. I haven't been a pen and paper gamer for quite sometime, so I didn't get the news that WotC went Woke and disavowed some of their artists. I never played Magic: The Gathering, but it sounds sad that some of the cards are now "not allowed at sanctioned tournaments" not because they are op but are in disfavor of this round of PC. I laughed when all those people thought AD+D was making people worship the devil, shocked that TSR caved (thankfully, my Monster Manual is one of the old version, with Devils and Demons in it) and now sad at this latest turn of events.
  14. Knowing or suspecting that you are of low intelligence shows an awareness of ones limitations and therefore, is rather intelligence. Therefore, only the truly smart know they are stupid, while the truly stupid think they are smart. Another variation on this is: Trust people who either know what they don't know or don't know anything about subject X, because those people are less likely to make bad assumptions. Never trust those who think they know everything about subject X.
  15. Ah ok, yes I see your point now, but I doubt it needs to be rebuilt. For FO4 (and all of them really) that have children in them, there is an "invulnerable" toggle in their dat file. It is different than the "protected" toggle, where a protected NPC can be "killed", but they will revive automatically. There was an issue with a mod here that ran into the same issue. The dev pulled it and added the "invulnerable state" back in and it was back up. However, Nexus, given recent management policies, may require one of their programmers to go through the code, line by line. In
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