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Can someone help me with my boobs? (HDT is deflating them?)


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The attached image should say it all. I've tried multiple Bodyslide presets and physics settings, but the breasts just end up deflating like empty sacks. It's rather disappointing. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong and how to fix it?



  • Skyrim LE
  • UUNP Special body
  • Bodyslide and Outfit Studio 5.4.2
  • All-in-One UUNP HDT Animated Pussy 4.0


I've tried a few different options in the AIO installer, as well as the Naturalistic XMLs for HDT and a version by t.ara (Slower Damped Jiggling). The actual bouncing changes, but not the shapes of the breasts, which end up looking bad no matter what I try. Makes me wonder if it's an issue with the body mesh itself (bad weight painting, or something like that)?


I'm using Mod Organizer, and I don't see anything mysteriously overwriting any of the files, so I'm a bit stumped at the moment.




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Maybe some XML file left over from installing/uninstalling and building bodies in BS?

Check your Overwrite folder?


Usually this works for me and AIO-P and Naturalistic XMLs for HDT this way:


Bodyslide and Outfit Studio

AIO-P UUNP Special (includes HDT Physic Extension) => I choose only presets for minimal jiggle (less jiggle?).


Optional: Overwrite it with skin texture

Optional: Naturalistic HDT overwriting any files of AIO-P




Building AIO-P body with a AIO-P preset

Alternative if Naturalistic HDT is installed: Building body with the Naturalistic HDT presets


It's important that lowest in my List overwrite the highest


If you reinstalled and build a body with AIO-P multiple times you will need to make sure there are no leftovers of you previous tries


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