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[REQUEST] Beast Races Lift Tails During Sexlab Animations

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I'm requesting that someone create a simple mod that makes beast races raise their tails during sexlab animations. I found this old one for LE but the skse plugin is no longer compatible, as a result a simple conversion is not possible. I messaged the creator of this little mod to see if they might be able to update it but they seem to be MIA. If anyone can dream up something similar that would be greatly appreciated!


For too long khajit and argonian tails have been piercing through the torsos of their partners!

SL Move Tail.7z

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Would like this as well, took a look at SL Move Tail and the file in the skse\plugin is just a .json so i'd not think that would stop it working but from what i could work out (not an expert on scripting) its using XPMSE and NetImmerSe which might have changed between LE and SE

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