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how to remove green eyes


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On 8/30/2021 at 9:15 AM, hypercock454 said:

Im using hook 5 and every model has green eyes and i can't  get rid of them/


From the official help for hook 5:




1. Why my eyes has a strong green color?

You need disable eye reflection and eye specular in character customization menu and use eyeball texture with assigned EyesPass shader.






1. Why does the model have green eyes? (The absolute bestseller!)
Turn off Eyes Specular under the Body Tab of the Customizer menu.


It helped me. Even the latest version of the game had a problem. Attached the source file. Maybe something else will come in handy on hook 5. 


P. S. Found two files, I don't remember which one is newer. But this answer is in both files.



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