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RJW - Vanilla Style Retexture


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Hey everyone,


I really love the textures RJW comes bundled with, but I wanted some of the custom items to look a bit more "Vanilla Rimworld" so I retextured them.


Obviously, if the RJW devs aren't cool with this, I'll take it down, but I figured other people might want to use them too.


Just replace the "Item" folder in your "\RJW\1.3\Textures\Things\Item" path. I left the old ones in too in case you decide you want them again. 

EDIT: Thanks to Skömer's advice, you just need to unzip the file into your mods folder now!








Used Condoms:




Fertility Pills:


Fertilised Eggs:


Unfertilised Eggs




RJW - Vanilla Style Retexture.zip

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Great stuff!


Just a quick notice how you could make this into a simple mod, so people don't need to replace the RJW textures after each RJW update

put the textures into a folder with the path like RJW textures have, and an "About" folder with the about.xml & manifest.xml and a preview image


You could also look how @EnRomous did it:


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