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DETENTION: An After School Special (for VX)


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DETENTION: An After School Special (updated for VX)

New v2 Update - March 2023


This is my second update to an experimental sequence I created for TK17 7.5 back in 2016. The "experiment" was to test the idea of using a Soundtrack (placed in the "Music" folder) to provide background music & sound effects. Lots of bug fixes and a number of improvements over the original (v2 has improved timing, fixed quirky poses & one additional pose.) I'm hoping the idea of using the built-in Media Player with Sequences catches on.


STORY: You've been sentenced to detention after school and find a big surprise waiting for you.


Full installation instructions included. M/F/F, all normal/default height.


Download from MEGA (21MB). Runtime: 16:44


Tested extensively. Feedback appreciated.


preview-Detention 1.jpg


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