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Hello there,



I have an interesting problem with a follower who was already on a lover level but he got so many injuries in a battle from ME that he left me and goes to his default position (he can't die because he's essential). When he left me I haven't got the usual upper left corner message: your follower is leaving or something. I'm also use AI Overhault. If I look at him in the manipulator 

he is still on a lover but he no longer follow me, if I initiate a dialogue the answer is only 3 points, however he can talk to me. This used to happen once before, so I lost my Recorder follower and I had to start a new game again. This character isn't that important, but I would be interested in restoring his integrity of the AI in some way or to a basic state without starting a new game. I used the character enable / disable and refresAi command but nothing. I tried to reset it in the manipulator too but it doesen't work. Is there anybody who has a solution for me?



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Man, you are a genious, it's working so I really thank you.... I have an another question


If I would like to delete a mod from SkyrimSSE (maybe) 


1. disable mod

2. save and quit

3. delete mod

4. run skyrim and ignore error massege

5. make a new save and quit

and then can I cleanse save file this method? am I right?

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1. save and exit

2. uninstall mod (for reinstallations, you want to make sure the mod has bene completely uninstalled, not just disabled - even if it works sometimes for you)

3. open game and open save - (now the game will recognize that the mod is missing << this is important)

4. create new save

5. exit game entirely

6. clean last save file using Fallrim Tools

7. install previous uninstalled mod

8. open game and cleaned save

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