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Modders: Import/Export Skyrim LE & SE meshes directly from Blender

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I've just finished V1 of a Blender Import/Export tool that supports Skyrim LE & SE and Fallout 4. Export from Blender directly to the game, no fiddling required.




  • Supports FO4, Skyrim LE, Skyrim SE. Import from one game and export to another with minimal twiddling (bone weights, partitions, shape keys).
  • Handles tris and base mesh in one step. No need to separate UV seams or triangulate before exporting
  • Handles expression and chargen tri files for Skyrim and FO4
  • Import tris into an existing mesh or on their own
  • Supports Bodyslide tri files on import and export for body morphs
  • Handles multiple bodyweights in one step. Export _0 and _1 armor weights for Skyrim from a single mesh.
  • Handles Skyrim and FO4 partitions and also FO4 segments
  • Handles skinned and unskinned meshes correctly. Exports head parts to SE correctly.
  • Handles shaders correctly. Set them up in Blender and export.
  • Import-and-forget. What you import will behave correctly on export without fiddling.
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