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  1. Nope, not vanilla tris. They're unique to the supermutants and I know because THEY'RE EXPORTED WITH THE FREAKING NIF FILE SO I NEVER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT A MISMATCH. I might possibly be getting better at FO4's stupid expression morph system. The new body shape has this gigantic chest and narrower waist. I did adjust some armor, but missed a chest piece or two. That female Strong is... well, damn. It raises an issue I might have with the new supermutants, actually, which is that they're too damn pretty. I think maybe they at least need some scars and dirt. Thx @IceBlazeWinters for the reference. It's a nice model and really nice texturing but that head shape would be hell on wheels to use on an anthro because of hair and headgear. Also, *ahem*, it's ugly. I'm gonna go for a more compromise shape, I think. Maybe like - Moderate stop to the nose - huge-ass ears - almond eyes with slit pupils - visible fangs but I think the whole face is scaly. These are good faces:
  2. Just click on the download link back on the OP.
  3. Apparently you can create a copy of the file in your *own* google drive, which you have if you have gmail, and download it from there. Maybe I'll look into better hosting. EDIT: Seems to be unlocked now.
  4. First thing is just load them up and try. (Actually, first thing is get and learn to use Mod Organizer. Then you can load mods in different orders, and turn them on and off, without a problem.) Load the bodies mod first, YA second. Either everything blows up, or it works without a problem, or it works except the fur patterns on the NPCs are scrambled. If the last, all the fur patterns for YA would have to be remade, which is a big job.
  5. Yeah, and clearly Salzy doesn't have as good control over his stuff as he thinks he has, given that some of it fell into Hancock's hands.
  6. Okay freaks and furballs, I'm ready to post the supermutants. Let me know what y'all think. (Going up now. They'll be up in an hour or two.) I did not get the meatcaps working in the end. Not sure what the problem is--I think I have them set up like vanilla, but they don't show up on headshots. I hassled with it a bunch and then decided to move on. I'm pretty sure an AAF scene will transform them back to regular supermutants. I think what I'll have to do is ship a separate AAF file that can load after the AAF stuff, so as to overwrite the bodies and provide a different tri. Should be straightforward, but I don't have it in place yet. My plan is to deal with ghouls and synths, then fix the sex stuff on a cleanup pass. So... ghouls. I'm still interested in basing them on the nightstalkers. There is some good concept art upthread. I'm gonna start hacking around. I played around with a little backstory for how ghouls could be related to nightstalkers: From: Charlton Salzy, PhD To: John Bouros Date: 2076 My dear John, I’m very sorry you feel I’ve wasted your time. I had high hopes of your recombinant DNA research but I’m afraid there’s nothing here I can use. I mean really, snakes? Dogs? I wish you the best, but no thank you. I’ll let you know if I find anything I can do with this. From: Charlton Salzy, PhD To: Eddie Winter Date: 2076 My dear sir, your inquiries of the other day are most opportune. I’ve recently started a new line of research based on completely novel manipulation of DNA and I think it has great promise in exactly the kind of longevity applications you envision. It will require significant funding, of course, but if you can supply that I would be happy to consider you as “test subject #1”, as it were. Shall we meet this week to discuss details? From: Charlton Salzy, PhD To: Eddie Winter Date: 2077 My dear Eddie, I have excellent news. After significant research and many dead ends, I have succeeded in developing a very promising treatment. It comprises two parts: A potion and a course of radiation treatments. The potion is biologically active—you might consider it a virus or bacterium, though man-made. But it is totally inert until activated by carefully calibrated doses of radiation, at which point it reconstructs the host organism from the DNA level up. There may be some cosmetic side effects, of course, but that’s a minor quibble when immortality is the prize. Let us begin our trials. From: Charlton Salzy, PhD To: Eddie Winter Date: 2077 Eddie: Yes, the scales and so forth are the cosmetic side effects I spoke of. They are absolutely inseparable from the proper functioning of the treatment. No, you’re not a “monster”--a term without scientific meaning anyway. My treatment has simply taken vital characteristics from creatures with millions of years of evolution in harsh environments and redirected them to our purposes. Wear their markers with pride. And no, I won’t give you the research and agree to keep it secret. This is my discovery, my invention, and in ten years no one on this planet will fail to recognize my name. Science must never be hidden. Your threats are futile. From: Charlton Salzy, PhD To: Eddie Winter Date: 2077 Eddie, you disgusting slimeball: Did you really think I was so stupid? That I did not know whom I was dealing with? You are a criminal, a mob boss, just barely fit to be a test subject in an experiment, while I hold PhDs in three disciplines. I hear your goons on the stairs now. They’re having some trouble with my security, I’m afraid. But it’s already too late, you fool. I’m sure they’ll break through soon enough, but I’ve already dumped all the potion I had into the Quabbin Resevoir--oh, except the flasks I sent to DC and out west. There they will reproduce and spread invisible and inert--until triggered by high levels of radiation. You’ll be lost and forgotten, you pitiful little man, while I will be the savior of mankind.
  7. Either it uses vanilla UVs and there might be no problem at all--just try stacking it with YA second--or it has its own UVs and it won't work and a fix is a major hassle.
  8. Post a link to the mod Post a link to the mod Post a link to the freakin' mod You're asking me to do a thing for you, why are you not doing the absolute minimum to make it easier for me? Also if it's a body replacer likely the answer is there's no chance but I'd have to look at it.
  9. Just because you're a high elf doesn't mean you have to play for the Thalmor. In fact, you can use the LAL start where you start as a Thalmor, get disillusioned with their crap, and go off on your own. Would people please post links when they're referring to another mod? What Cat Races? Mine? Why would you use Cat Races with Yiffy Age? (I mean, I suppose, yeah, you could be a cheetah race in a YA world. And I'm surprised that doesn't work.) WTF is SkyCastleBoby? If it's the player home/castle thing, ya, it adds NPCs and that's a problem. I can add it to the list of things to make patches for.
  10. It's a bit of a mess, tbh. I looked at judge007's work but that was for SE and was dealing with a bunch of SE-specific keywords and I prefer to do things in LE then transfer over. Then I looked at the LE mod and it's mostly fine except nearly all the enchanted armor and a fair number of variants are missing the "revealing" keyword, because it requires creating an override and a lot of the changes are just in the textures or nifs and don't otherwise require any changes in the ESP. I extracted all the armors to a spreadsheet so I could find all the ones missing the keyword and found a very few--half a dozen or so--that hadn't been skimpified at all. So I went through and made overrides for all the skimpy body armors to give them the revealing KW. Upside is that you won't have to set it by hand every time you meet a new NPC. Downside is that there are a lot of armor mods out there, and doing this introduces a lot of incompatibilities, which means a lot of patches to make things work together. I got that one set of vampire clothes fixed. I'll probably deal with the few extra armors. Then convert to SE and recover the changes judge007 put in.
  11. yeah, it's supposed to work without SL,as long as you have PapyrusUtil. I'll check out what's going on with that.
  12. Seems like this set of clothes never got touched, which I didn't think was possible. Huh.
  13. OK so I was this close to releasing an update with the new mutants, but then I thought well, I'll just get the meatcaps working and OMG what a shitshow that turned into. So first I just exported the meatcaps and they showed up in game which was wrong so I gave them the same names as vanilla and found out they have their own dismember code which had to be added to the exporter. Then they didn't show up on the live mutants but they didn't show up on the dead ones either so I went into the supermutant dismember segments in detail and found out their hands have their own code which I didn't know about so I added that to the exporter and that was fine except (the meatcaps still don't show up) AND the textures are messed up because to get the dismember segments right I combined the hands and back of head into the body but they use different texture files and you CAN'T have one TriShape with multiple texture files. So the only way I can make this work is by changing all the UVs so that the head back and hand textures are in the same files as the body which means re-doing ALL the textures. Which I guess I will do but right now I'm off looking at the skimpy armor mod and crying in my beer.
  14. Oh, man. That is one sick puppy right there. Dunno who's responsible for "_SNQuest" but they need to learn how to check for mods without dumping crap to the log. I'm impressed by the number of mods they apparently integrate with, tho. XPMSE is crapping the bed all over the place. Dunno if that's usual or special for you. Here we go: A bunch of mismatched variables on the schlongs script. Looks like you had an older version of Schlongs and didn't do a clean install. Try on a new game and see if it works--if so you know your load order is good, so go back to this game, uninstall the schlongs, load, save, clean the save game, load, save, re-install the schlongs, load and go. But the XPMSE problem is real, it's spitting junk to the log basically constantly and is going to ruin your performance. I'd suggest disabling the ESP at the same time as you uninstall the schlongs. Then you can decide if you want to re-enable it.
  15. Um, keep your clothes on? Oh, and don't pick up stray magazines.
  16. I don't see any obvious problem. Google "papyrus log" to find how to turn on logging--you have to set a few parameters in an ini.
  17. Ugh, I'd forgotten that he did that big fix. I'll have to walk through it and incorporate everything. I suppose it might be that patch which broke these armors, dunno. Will check.
  18. Post a load order. Remember RaceCompatibility is a prereq.
  19. @ASlySpyDuo I'll check, but that's likely intentional. I dunno even how vanilla makes it work but if the values don't match across head and body meshes on the furries, you get a seam. I spent a buttload of time chasing down errors across all the races and sexes. @Argoniana Wait, what? Yeah, you need YA for YA Tails to work. And to say truth, not even sure I included argonian tails, but I know I mucked with their setup because the female argonian tail texture is in the same place as the pussy texture. Find the argonian tail in the YA Tail mod, copy it to whatever the vanilla argonian tail filepath is, copy the SKSE folder, and that might work.
  20. Of course. Load up the hands nif. It will come in with a skeleton/armature. Select the armature and load the ring. It will load with the armature as parent. In edit mode, move it to the other hand. Pick one of the verts on the hand that's under the ring and copy the weights from that vert to the entire ring. In object mode, export. Done.
  21. Huh. I've never seen the butt-plug tail except during the sleeping animation and HDT fixes that. XP32 usually should go last. Tails mod should probably go right before it.
  22. So you're getting no tails at all? And you have HDT set up correctly? And this is LE, where things behave a little better. Anybody got any ideas?
  23. yeah, that should be... skimpier. Do you have the stack as listed in the OP? Cuz it's probably provided by one of the others, not mine.
  24. I'll repost the V11 link. Is this alternate start or vanilla? I've run through both and they seem fine.
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