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miner lights

found those in an old Dwemer ruine, two circlets.


first one casts light in front of you and grants some useful abilities.

(carryweight 100, fire resitance 50, magicka 100 and watherbreathing. Useful things to dig in old ruins).


second circlet cast light in front of you and other abilities than first one.

(waterwalking, carryweight and invisibly until you interact)


both circlets can be crafted at a forge, you need

1x flawless emerald

1x filled grand soulgem

1x gold ingot

skill of the Dwemer


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It always needed it, as this is the hook for arousal. As long as you wear it, the energy is drawn by arousal.

If you want a standalone, use the alternative with constant light spell, light circlets.


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