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  1. Hiho, I have install on Skyrim LE, I´m in marquardt and will down to the rubber prison....it don´t works, I have ctd allqays. I have install with NMM! I can´t find a mistake..... is it not NMM compatible? Have a nice day Heelmut P.S.: found mistake: I have delete Pahe and Submissive Lola resubmission and voila, it run perfekt....o.k., not so good for me, I´m free but I found not the trickitracky for leave the room, th 2 doors are closed......:-) Have a nice day....ähem.....night Helmut
  2. o.k., Windows 10 is out of beta, too. But it is th largest adventure that you can pay.....-) DCL 9 have many mistakes for me, and sorry, I have delete it, I want play skyrim with deevious devices from th first secound. I want play bondage, and DCL9 have a option in "altrnate start". The quest goes to Helge, in Helge comes the quest with chloe and then come chaos...ähem....ctd step for step....and I don´t see what is wrong, thee talk with chloe is very diffucult....o.k., o.k., the talk with a wife is difficult, but not so.....:-) I think that updates comes in time.... Have a ni
  3. Gratulation, Quest with Laura o.k., but with Chloe in Helge.....I play ctd......I call with Chloe and she speak and bye bye to ctd....but o.k., it is a beta, it is a lot of work to do.... 🙂
  4. Hiho, it this a many work Megan 3bbb? It mean that works on SSE or not? I want play only on Skyrim SE...and it is very beautiful that I play with Megan,,,,nice work! Have a nice day Helmut
  5. this don´t help me, by me works Nexus Modmanager 0.72.3, have anywhere a idea? Thanks Helmut
  6. Hiho, I'm sorry, but the -esp version is better than the -esl version, but the bug that you can't put torches in the holder remains. Starting a new game allows you to use torches too! With best regards Helmut
  7. Hiho, thanks for your answer: that means that I can forget my game during an update and have to start a completely new game ..... probably the one who is just beginning ..... in the last third of the game it would be fatal . Have a nice day... Helmut
  8. Hello everybody, the trick with the wall to get to the lakeview cell works (deactivating the wall)! I hope there is an update ... 🙂 Furthermore, no torches can be put in the holder ..... I tried the versions from 7.4.8 and 7.4.5, but it no longer works. Somehow the whole thing with the main program or some add-on was hindered. Here, too, I'm looking forward to an update ... because brightness in the cellar without a torch is nonsense, without a light source it should be pitch black! in the -esl version of 7.4.9 WIP, the bed rolls flicker as if the floor and bed rolls share the same leve
  9. Hiho, I copy the old JetPack.nif, and the Jetpack looks at the old Jetpack from the old Armor, but no modifi (I can´t see the JetPack in the Armor-Workbench!) and no fly. I have a better idea, I deinstall the new Armor (I´m sorry, she looks better) and install the old armor. And all function allright, and I install the X02-Powerarmor and also fine...sorry, but I see no way to get your new armor working properly. Oh yes, she still has 1 mistake: if I only wear the armor and have done the Ursula preset with the Bodyslide, I have big breasts. I did the same with the power armor, but suddenly the
  10. The Powerarmor is o.k. the normaly Armor with Jet-Pack can I not modifi! I have tested with your old Latex-Armor, I can modifi the Jet-Pack from off to on and I fly.... 🙂 With you new nice Armor it dosn´t work it, I can´t see the Jep-Pack on the Armor-Workbench and also I can´t activated it....and no fly......
  11. I have Ivy 5.3 installed, and when I the voucher from the bag in the river I will open ....CTD... 1 I must deinstall! My question: which attributes or levels do I have to have so that I can improve my armor? At the moment I'm level 6, so low and the armor is not even displayed to me! Since the rocket drive does not work, I assume that it will be activated at the workbench ..... or is there an error? Sorry for the english, it is made by Google.....:-) Have a nice day Helmut
  12. Hiho, ABBA Outfit 5.0 dosm´t work! Can you fix it? Thanks Helmut
  13. Perfect. Top Job! It works fine, my Standart-Armor! Thanks Have a nice day Helmut
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