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Requesting Links for Basic Mods of Getting FKed (and maybe ensalved) by Humanoids

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Hello, newbie here ^^

TL;DR: Looking for mods to get orally abused by hunky bandits (Using CBBE 3BA SE)
I hope I'm not in the wrong for asking this, but - I'd like to request links for some basic mods of getting f##ked by stupid sexy buffed hunky bandits and having no control over my female character.


Years ago before Skyrim Special Edition, I did download mods that did just that but for the sake of me I can't remember which they were. I remember watching a youtube video named "Most offensive skyrim mods" and followed their example to a degree. I haven't found their video, but I remember the thumbnail of a black raven with a tophat and monocle and I think it had a red outline.


 Anyway - the mods I'm looking for:

-Buffed hunky males

-Mods for getting f##ked (for starters I'd just prefer getting fked orally and give blow jobs all around the lands of skyrim and I want that to happen 100% of the time when I get defeated, but might wanna change that later to getting abused otherwise - Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think all of this can be chosen in the MCM menu, right?)


Optional, but still very much desirable:
-Slave mod (where I get to hang around my masters)

-BIG Cocks

-Golden Cock Rings for my male masters

-Sexy armor, clothing or specifically BDSM clothing for my male masters

-First Person View/POV whilst getting fked (would also be nice with a head bob for a complete experience)


Also, I'd love a mod for a better looking male characters, because right now I could only see offering myself to Khajiits, Argonians, Orcs and even Dremora, but if not that, than at least a helmet that would cover their faces - a type of a "helm of domination" that would make me think: "Now I know my place in this world"

On another note: Would be great to play as the secondary character in the game and let the NPC do all the quests and let it be the hero, while I'm just there to cast spells of healing, protection and getting used as a cock-sleeve - what a dream.

Also - I remember some time ago, someone wanted to make a Fallout armor where the suit would speak to you. That was already in the game, but the modder wanted to make it so that the suit would call you names and I think there was more to it, but I can't remember. Only remember that the mod was cancelled but I wonder if someone else picked that up.

Also posting pictures of my mods in case I have some that need to be deleted in order for these adult mods to work.

mods i use 1.png

mods i use 2.png

mods i use 3.png

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29 minutes ago, jorgenfreeman said:

-Buffed hunky males

You may want to start by looking at this Thread:


29 minutes ago, jorgenfreeman said:

-Slave mod (where I get to hang around my masters)

I recommend Sanguine's Debauchery. Although there are plenty of other good mods out there for this.

32 minutes ago, jorgenfreeman said:

-Golden Cock Rings for my male masters

-Sexy armor, clothing or specifically BDSM clothing for my male masters

Way too many to even begin making recommendations.

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