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Cleo Canterbury and Covellite Canterbury (Hybrid Sisters)

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Cleo Canterbury and Covellite Canterbury (Hybrid Sisters)

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HI HI! I will slowly be uploading all my sims to this site. I hope you enjoy. Most of all of them will be free. Extra stuff like full wardrobe customizations, color swap requests, commissions and so on will be done through patreon https://www.patreon.com/BertsCC. If you want me to upload my sims faster or specific ones, support is most welcome and will get me going. If you need or want support or just need help fixing your sims 4, contact me here https://discord.gg/R9V8cbWYAN. You can verify this post by seeing all posts are under my name herbertofury or bert, my gallery ID is tourmalinem on origin. 


Cleo Canterbury (DEER) Hybrid


Covellite Canterbury (WOLF) Hybrid 


My other sims I will upload if wanted

If enough attention and support is shown I will update my really old sim I enjoy Alf -21 with updated Servo Human Vampire Human Hybrid and upload it here. Please reply to the support channel if you would like to download her. Please also post pictures of these sims working in your game and what is not working. New to uploading so please allow me some time to get use to it.


ALF -21




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7 hours ago, shorty943 said:

Sorry but I wont even consider downloading such a huge off site file. Try radically reducing the file size to the LL site sizes first.

Thank you for the feedback, found the culprit making the file size so big. A merged package file called furry, I will fix, reupload, and rearchive with optimal settings. All my other package files should be unmerged fore easy organization. Post is now fixed! ?


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