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Long time loading aaf scenes with player character after installing sim settlements

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1 hour ago, Dewdedew said:

I been playing with AAF for a while and then I decided to install some script heavy mods like sim settlements. Now whenever my player character enters a scene it just takes forever to load but eventually it will go through. Is there a way to improve this?


My experience with SIM settlements is that its just a resource hog. It is selfish and does not like to share script space with anything. There are features you can turn off in SIM settings that help, but as your towns grow it eventually absorbs your Fallout 4 and computer resources into the SIM Borg until your power goes out and the men in black show up to investigate the disturbance in the force. Uninstall...check!

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FO4 loads areas (cells) when you moved around, centred on your PC. This means the comp might try and load several close settlements at once - especially Sanct/RR and Abernathy or Tenpines/Hangmans or Tenpines/Greehgarden, etc. SS2 makes this much, much, much worse.


If you also run PANPC or other heavy scripted mods, your comp will be on fire.


If you run SS2 tips are:

1. Use it on a very small number of settlements.

2. ROTC will kill your game, wait for improvements.

3. Entering a SS2 settlement - stand still, press esc or console and go get a coffee.




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I recall someone posting on one of the SS Youtube vids or maybe one of Kinggath's other vids that FO4 has a limited (and small) amount of memory space allocated for scripts.  If you have too many working simultaneously the processor handles each script task in turn and sometimes doesn't start any new ones.

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