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  1. Ego was the best of the best. I will miss him. I hope whatever direction his life takes is rewarding.
  2. Found out quite by accident that one of my animation packs has animations for pole dances. Would like to add some poles to my settlement bars, but cant seem to find any that are buildable. Anyone have the lowdown on this? Would be much appreciated.
  3. Do I NEED the Indarello patch for that? I use Ulfbearths.
  4. Ivy has her own thread does she not?
  5. Im kind of the opposite as most others here. The Fusion Girl body is superior to CBBE. I just cant go back. So, I am scratch building outfits. In the process, Ive found building outfits to be fun. Not for everyone I know, but once FG is stable, the outfits will come.
  6. I really, really like mods like this that add genuine utility to things we didnt pay attention to before. Really enjoying this.
  7. Have 1.61 FG and love it. Clothes will catch up and I will happily wait. FG is a far superior body to CBBE and thats saying quite a lot. Ill wait...
  8. The models you have made are fantastic. Hopefully some of the animators will look into making use of these. Still some issues with FG stuff here and there, but knew that going in. Nice, nice stuff!
  9. Went to install your mod via Vortex and get a missing master notification for chain bikini and f me shoes. Had not planned to load those since the latest 1.61 Fusion Girl body does not support them and the CBBE to FG reference is also out of date.
  10. Thats a bit of an odd situation. My guess would be that once you surrendered the second time, you were relieved of your goods, but since you were still at the previous abduction site and original boss had been killed it kind of buggered things up. I never kill boss first. I kill the visitors as they come to see me via the sneak attack (except on mutants) saving boss for last. Abduction is the only reason anyone still loads this mod. Really wish @EgoBallistic would just make a version of this for Violate so we could dump this one.
  11. I dont use Just Business. I do use Abduction Lite to clone named bosses I kill. What does this mod need to see from NPCs to assign them to this mods functions? Would it be a simple thing like a keyword that can be added via console or is it going off their name which could be changed? If it is an I.D. #, not sure that could be arranged on a clone.
  12. Anytime you are abducted, you have to loot the red chest or its contents arebpermanently lost.
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