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realistic bottom for females???


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7 minutes ago, catiedee said:

I tried the better body bottom that was super realistic BUT made my sims shaped weird when naked so I deleted it. I'd like their bottom to be more than a slit lol 

That one is obsolete and broken except for the Female Top.


The problem is most are defaults and you can only have one installed at a time.

Use WW Body Selector and pick Maxis/Native to use another default body part.


Some use Cmar's or Eve's 

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Try the glorious female butt mesh by Dumbaby, it'll change your life ? Works with the WW Body Selector and in CAS as a bottom.


The EVE meshes are good as well and work the same way.


If you want them to be displayed when dressed, Dat Ass by Krunchiisoft takes care of that by making them an accessory in CAS. Doesn't work with all outfits though.


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