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How can I make a race do more damage with one element of Destruction?

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I want to make a playable race that's more proficient with the Shock element, but looking over the CK and related effects, it looks like Magic Effects can't modify power in one element like that, and Perks can do it but can't be added directly to a race. Is my only option to have a script apply a perk to the player, and then have the perk only take effect if they are the correct race?

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Should be easy enough, you want bretons to do more damage with shock spells you can take sparks spell, it has a magic effect attached to it(ShockDamageConcAimed)








Go to magiceffects in ck and duplicate the magic effect and add a condition to the magic effect saying it is for breton race,then circle jerk/back to sparks spell and ADD new magic effect to the list of magic effects that sparks spell already has. 













You shouldnt need to add any conditions to the duplicated effect after adding it to sparks, last image shows newly created effect that is only for bretons after is was added to sparks and you dont see condition check for breton but if you go back to magic effects,if you added condition check to newly created/duplicated magic effect that condition check is still there and is still going to work. 

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17 hours ago, MorePrinniesDood said:

Looks at how Orc's berserk is handled in creation kit. You can apply perks permanently with abilities or temporarily with spell effects.

Oh, cool, I didn't notice Magic Effects could apply a perk! Attached such an effect along with the Resist component and it looks like it works, thank you!

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Looks like you got it. Almost think I was setting you up to do extra damage to the Bretons, not Bretons do extra damage( my potential bad)


Check it, if your gonna do shock magic, it's easy and cool to set it up so that your shock magic will ignite oil spills on ground in dungeons and caves and such. And another thing I did was set up my shock magic,minus sparks, to light dead shit(druagr,skeletons,fangbangers) on fire when hit with the other various lightning spells. Food for thought.

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