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Script error?

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❤️ Hey guys!  ❤️ 

have you also noticed a script error after refreshing all your mods? (wicked whims, basemental drugs, NisaK, ...)
in all households, the doors are nonexistend and neither can I place them; "script error"

do you know which mod I should remove? 

❤️ Mods I installed recently; ❤️ 
❤️ Wicked Whims  
❤️ NisaK's wicked perversions 
❤️ Blue cravings clothing 
❤️ Wild Guys animations  

Before I've downloaded, everything worked just fine, please help :'((

Thank you so much! ❤️

Kind regards,

❤️ Irena ❤️ 

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