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How can I insert local image file? My female body skin ripped everytime I use Bodyslide...................

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37 minutes ago, MAXCHN said:


I'm trying to insert a screenshot of bodyslide preview image, but I didn't see the option.......... 

1) First it is best to convert your screenshot to JPEG.

2) Then with LL open and your File Explorer open

   a) Grab the file of your screenshot with you mouse (left click and hold) and

   b) Drag it to the image of the paperclip below where you are typing your post in LL.

   c) When the slightly lighter gray area highlights release the file

3) A small version of your image now appears beneath the area I just discussed. When you are at the point in your post where you want the image to appear hit the "+" sign on the small image and it will appear in your post.



1) Use JPEG (I know I said it before but it helps)

2) In steps 2 & 3 expect about 5 second delays

3 Always best to place images in spoilers


For my information and hints see my Blog Navigating LoversLab - the link is in my signature below.

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