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3p creature animations are just impossible

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I've been trying my best to get creature gangbang animations to actually manifest themselves but they don't seem to ever want to appear. With both Defeat (with all options for gangbang chance set to 100%) and Mass Matchmaker, there seems to be a hard wall to getting these animations to actually play even through manipulated means - does anyone have any clue as to why it's just impossible for creatures to gangbang the player, or any ideas on how to make this work? Humans work completely fine in any circumstance, and I know the animations for 3p creatures are registered to SLAL, and I have Billly's pack installed so they definitely do include said animations too. I have rebuilt my animations cache several times now and can verify all other animations work fine.

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I use Scrappies MM for Human matchmaking, Aroused Creatures for animal/human pairs. I think the group setting for AC works pretty well but, it relies on having the number of similar creatures physically available around you. It also doesn't work for hostile creatures. If you'd like to actually see your group animal animations I'd recommend Sexlab Pheromones. There's a plethora of ways you can catch a specific creature's pheromones and when you do they'll spawn near by every couple hours. 
PS. Oh, and Aroused Creatures has a suitors feature. Animals will start to follow you around in the hope of getting laid. I think if you have a group of the same species it will proc a group animation. Though sometimes they just run a train. 



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