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  1. I have another question, dunno if I've asked it before though but is there a way for NPC/Monsters to switch from top/bottom in the same manner they automatically switch positions?
  2. I did look in there and try to spawn in a couple of items by their name in the folders but that doesn't work and I just get lovely green cubes. Is there anywhere in particular I should look to get the item's spawnable ID?
  3. The wiki appears to be down so I'd like to ask; is there a record of all the items/objects that SxB adds? Trying to find all the supported beds/tables and such that belong to SxB exclusively, but I dont know for certain where to craft certain things.
  4. Just wanna post a proper post that this mod is great and an ideal example for big expansions to SxB. I'd love to see more machines and toys and possibly tentacles put in for the future too!
  5. So I've finished my musings on the remaining critters (and a couple existing ones) and stuck them in the pastebin link. Please feel free to read them, if they serve to inspire or guide in any way, shape or form then it was worth it to do. Please don't take it to be my absolute expectations, but rather expressed desires and hopes put into idea form.
  6. You have Frackin Universe and Frackin Races installed at the same time from what I can see, unsubscribe from Races on Steam Workshop and try it again. Races is incorporated into Universe now, so the former is redundant and can cause the 'Assets dependencies form a cycle' error.
  7. I've already thrown out ideas onto a txt up to Lumoth. Some critters I have to just do quick passes on since they're fairly similar to other creatures and would just go off references, but I'm going to compile ideas based on the creature's unique design aspects, which can hopefully serve as a guiding light for future spriting.
  8. That actually sounds neat though. If that could work mechanically, you could perhaps join the cult or kill them to get access to a sort of super-Statue of Dibella/Aphrodite that could allow that arousal effect to trigger in player built towns and such, so you could have dens of degeneracy without needing piles of beds with SxB objects potentially seeming out of place, or people consensually letting monsters have turns on them.
  9. I've got a question! Is there a way to trigger NPCs to turn into SexNodes upon reaching a certain arousal threshold without needing the Bow or Defeat? I'm curious since I'm currently after seeing a sort of random sex style mod where NPCs you can encounter can have sex on the spot, or you can have consensual scenes with monsters and the like.
  10. I may take some time to muse on ideas on how each of the currently unaddressed creatures could function in sexual settings, within the constraints of Sexbound spriting and all, since that seems like an interesting creative condundrum.
  11. You mention Scaveran will be next on the list of new supports for the future but I'm genuinely curious how you'd go about a bird-like creature with those toucan proportions? I suppose this question can go out to some of the other more abstract looking creatures like Squeems, Anglure and Po. Also really happy to see more support+pregnancy for the Scandroid!
  12. I'm having one major issue with this mod; the SOS control hotkeys seem to be bugged while I have them enabled. The slits/sheaths work perfectly fine on NPCs and their regular erection controls work fine (pageup/pagedown) but the player control (shift+pageup/pagedown) will only change the angle of the dick for a half a second before it is angled back into one specific angle, in my current case forces the dick to be angled down to its lowest state. No matter how much you press the keys, the most you get is a slightly amusing moment of the dick flopping up and back down down. This issue causes problems for all SOS dicks but only for my player character (which I'm currently using the Half-Dragon mod for, attempting to use the hoodie slits/sheaths dont seem to work properly but I'm more here for the NPCs to have these cocks). Forced angle changes, such as by scenes, by console command or by arousal work fine until I try to change the angle with the hotkeys.
  13. I'm having a problem with the schlong bending now; if I press any of the hotkeys to change the players schlong angle, it'll change position for a second before springing back down to its lowest angle. The hotkeys are working fine and if I press rapidly, you can see the angle is changing before it resets to bottom again. NPCs seem to be perfectly unaffected by this bug and I dont believe SL arousal is interfering as even if the character arousal is maxed, the schlong will still set to low angle.
  14. So, recently I've been dabbling in Hentai Creatures to test out the animations and see how well they go down, and I've noticed one particular problem; with the Female Dragon Priest you can spawn (and I'm assuming will spawn naturally at some point too but I haven't found one yet) cant seem to play animations and the log reports it as having no animations registered even though I have animation packs installed that allow for Dragon Priest anims and the model for the dragon priestess has a dick attached, so I'm pondering if I've done something wrong during the installation of animations, because surely the two Dragon Priests must share the animations, or if there's something behind it in SLAL, SexLab or the Creature Framework that I can override and tell it to play Dragon Priest anims for the female one too.
  15. I'll ask here in this thread too; is there a way to get this mod to function on female giant meshes, to enable futa giantesses, as it were? I've seen it supposedly possible in screenshots but the person who did it modified the AnimalSOS .esp and replicating that vague picture guide hasn't worked out for me.
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