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Accessory Stockings Set ‘K’

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Accessory Stockings Set ‘K’


  • Base game compatible
  • Located on ‘accessory’ category, legwear slot
  • For teen, young adult and adult femsims
  • Enabled for everyday, sleepwear, formalwear, career, outerwear and validformaternity
  • Disabled for random sims
  • 1-2 color channels
  • Only available as .package


  • Textures look “pixelated” from up close
  • Texture stretching and deformation depending on weight and animation / pose


  • ‘K 05’ was based on an oufit from Dead or Alive (Phantom Vermillion)
  • Compatible with garments and shoes made by me and EA


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As usual Josh, great quality content! I'm curious, how did you go about creating the patterns on the stocking tops? I wanted to do something similar with the Bra and Panty sets I created a while back but couldn't figure out the best way to do it.

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On 8/3/2021 at 6:42 AM, ErinC7214 said:

how did you go about creating the patterns on the stocking tops?

First I used Blender to generate a second UV on EA’s legs, then I “straightened up” the tights to eliminate texture clipping, more or less. This is the result.



You can also edit the whole legs but for these stockings wasn’t necessary. Now I can generate a texture in Fireworks 

(any other vector graphics editor should work) with straight lines without worrying about deformation (although animations will always deform the texture).



For these stockings you just need to work on the alpha channel for the multiplier.


The last step is to generate a nodes setup where you will attach the texture to the legs mesh indicating you want to use the ‘second uv’ you modified:



Now you can bake the diffuse indicating the you only want to bake the color, but before pressing the ‘Bake’ button return to the ‘Object Data Properties’ tab and under ‘UV Maps’ select the “original” this will tell Blender to bake from UV2 to UV1 making all the adjustments necessary:




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