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questions about nmm and Mod Organizer 2

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Mind you, that NMM is phased out and it's "official" successor is Vortex.

Nevertheless it still has a community and somewhere on github (I think) you'll get further version updates..

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2 hours ago, jinsitsu said:

This question has been asked many times now, you can looked it up on google. I've been using NMM for years now and didn't get any single issues with it. It's just a matter of preferences. 

Same with me, never had an issue or a reason to move to a different mod manager

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My big problems with NMM (can't speak to Vortex, never used it) were that when you installed things in the wrong order, you had to reinstall them to fix it and that it didn't track files created by tools like BodySlide. That gave me two issues - having to wait for it to reinstall mods when I determined that the wrong mod was winning a conflict and having to clean up after I uninstalled mods.


Compare to MO2, where fixing your install order is as simple as dragging the mod up or down on the left pane and any created files get put into the overwrite folder, ready for you to move them to a new mod file of their own.

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While MO2 has a higher learning curve I'd say use that if youre not using another mod manager already. NMM still does get community updates (I think its mostly just bug fixes, though) and having a virtual file system with your mods is pretty handy. I'd say breaking your base game is near impossible thanks to that. I personally wouldnt recommend using NMM anymore since it got dropped by nexusmods and instead choose between Vortex or MO2 instead.

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