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  1. I've not used that mod in particular, but by its description it sounds like it does something similar to Further Lover's Comfort. You likely won't see it with FLC unless you're going out of your way to look, though, due to how its scanner is set up.
  2. They might be. You would have to put it through a BSA extractor to check.
  3. When you're using Mod Organizer properly, none of the mod files should be in your Data folder. Each mod's files resides in its respective subfolder in MO's "mods" folder.
  4. It shouldn't need USLEEP as a master (none of the changes depend on something added by it), but it would require adding Dawnguard as a master for the vampire head parts.
  5. That's a general issue with high heels, which NiOverride High Heels was made to address (disabling the offset while swimming or using furniture).
  6. GagSFX's functionality and sounds were integrated into DD5, but it's still useful for anyone who might be using DD4.3.
  7. Something like More Notification Messages?
  8. On the topic of bikini armors: for anyone looking to remove the hidden armor without adding another mod, you want to override fArmorBaseFactor from its default of 0.03 (3% damage reduction, equivalent to 25 points of armor) and set it to 0.
  9. If you're using the CK, it's in the Armor dialog in the bottom left (the "Playable" checkbox). In xEdit, it's in the general flags of "BODT - Body Template".
  10. I have yet to use it, but from what I understand Paradise Halls is the go-to mod for that. Home Sweet Home lets you mark areas as slave camps, And You Get A Slave adds more ways to make money with them, and there's even a beta test of a cart for the mod. Someone even edited the Hearthfires houses to add a dungeon to them with the intention of being used with it.
  11. I did some brief tests the other day, and for what I tested (the POP integration) DDe seemed fine with DD5, just very slow. CTDs on startup are usually a sign of a missing master rather than an incompatibility.
  12. Delete the old versions of Assets/Integration/Expansion/Contraptions before you install this.
  13. I love the idea. I'm all for having visual representations of your character's progress, and what better way than magical tattoos that become more obvious as your skill improves.
  14. It's not an integration with POP, just something that SLUTS does on its own. Poking around the ESP, it looks like your bounty has to be below 10k in order for them to offer it to you. If your bounty wasn't that high, only other possibility that I can think of is that it might be a load order issue, since they do both edit one of the arrest responses.
  15. I had to figure this out when I was making a patch for Skyrim Chain Beasts. When you finish a run, the cart driver casts sluts_restore_spell on your character. That uses the sluts_restore_effect script, which in turn calls restore_pony_actual() in sluts_mission_scenes_sc.
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