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What is the best load order for beast animation for Skyrim SE

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3 hours ago, ajmccssjoer said:

I have a question what is the best load order for beast animations for Skyrim SE and why.

Thank You



FNIS Creature Pack

Basic Game animations

SLAL Packs




Female Body

Female Textures

Schlongs of Skyrim

Schlongs addons

Schlongs Textures

Physics Tweaking SW

XPMSSE skeleton

Creature Framework


HornyCreatures of Skyrim

BakaFactory ABC


FNIS Output




1. FNIS & FNIS Creature Pack required and not susceptible to priority conflicts

2. Basic Game animations also not susceptible to priority conflicts {other than amongst themselves}

3. SLAL Packs before SLAL itself, sort amongst them for priority

4. HDT-SMP & CBPC need to be established before body install

5. Bodies and textures next, men after ladies, cause my dad raised me that way

6. Physics Tweaking SW i.e. Sinful CBP, needs to have all installed before it can function

7. XPMSSE skeleton, should over-write Schlongs and Female body skeletons

8. Creature mods, in that order (MNC recommendations and trial & error)

9. FNIS Output - generated material from FNIS, should never be over-written




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