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  1. I would greatly appreciate if someone could tell me what mod 2a04fc41 is. This is the game code for the giant spiders and gargoyles for these screenshots and load order. Thank You in advance. I am sorry I don't know how to make a spoiler for my mod list or screenshots. If someone would tell me how, I will do it the next time. enb2021_2_19_14_20_56.bmp enb2021_2_19_17_32_49.bmp enb2021_2_19_13_37_23.bmp enb2021_2_19_13_37_14.bmp enb2021_2_19_14_20_56.bmp
  2. Hi i disabled all my sexlab animal sex mods and animal mods and the large spiders and gargoyles are still showing up. So now I really can't figure out what mod could be causing this problem. Attached is my load order. Please help.
  3. ok attached is my load order. So I disabled all my creature mods and all my animal mods and these spiders and gargoyles still show up. I have no clue on solving this problem. Please help
  4. Attached are screenshots of my game with large spiders and gargoyles that appear out of nowhere during game play. At first i thought is was the mod more nasty critters i disabled the mod started a new game and they still appeared I followed the same procedure the sexlab beasties and still they appeared . I am attaching screenshots in the hope of someone telling me what mod is causing this problem or even better the person who created these creatures how to get rid of them. FYI they appear everywhere inside and outside buildings in towns or in the country when in caves and dungeons they always
  5. its more nasty creatures se. not beasties. I removed beasties and still have them appear after 15 to 20 min of play no matter if i am indoors or outdoors and happen any place in Skyrim.
  6. it happened after being in a milk pumping station for about 11 hours. As soon as i got out of the pumping station I went to move and it went crazy,
  7. I was in a milk pumping station today and when I got out my character could not walk normal. she was moving so fast she was way up in the sky and moving from one side of skyrim to the other. When she was stuck against a mountain her legs keep going very fast. I tried entering the following command to slow her down but it didn't work player.setav speedmult 0. Does anyone know how to correct this.
  8. Hi I am getting a consistency check problem while running fnis between Zazanimation pack se ands milk mod ecomony se it says there are duplicate animation events Screenshots attached can you please tell me how to correct this issue. Thank you for all your help.
  9. Hi i have a consistence check problem when running Fnis. Fnis is telling me I have duplicate animation events between zazanimation pack and milk mod economy. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the animations mods and the same with fins, but i keep coming up with the same error message when doing a consistence check. Does anyone know how to solve this problem. Screenshots are attached
  10. Thank You very much for your guide for mod manager for Skyrim SE. The only problem I have left is modmanager 2 with the treasurehunterwhore error saying it coulnd't load the dll even through I removed the mod. Error message won;t go away. finis works fine now. Thanks again
  11. Hi I am having a rough time getting finis to work. I have my steam folder on my E drive. When I run finis through mo2 it's given me the error message that finis is not in the correct data folder but the program is there. I am attaching screenshots to show you. Also the bigger problem i am having is that finis is not reading the sexlab animations as shown in your instructions. I can;t figure out how to correct this. I am also attaching my load order in case you need to see it. Thanks in advance for your help,
  12. I am playing Skyrim Se. I am using modmanager 2. Nodmanager is giving me an error message for TreasureHunterWhore. The error message is The failed plugin are =couldn't load TreasureHunterWhore.DLL A DLL is invalid code 193. Please let me know how to correct this problem.

    Thank You

  13. Hi I am trying to figure out which mod is causing this to happen. As soon as i enter a city two giant gargoyles appear along with tow giant spiders and some smaller ones. They just don't stay in that city but once they show up the stick with you where ever you go, interfering with the ability to work on quests. I thought the mod might have been the Succubus Race or Skyrim Immersive Creatures SE so I unapplied each mod and started the game but the gargoyles and spiders were still there. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
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