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So Sims Updated and I cant play anymore because of my mods. Now I know to turn off auto updates but too late for that this time. So what now? what mods do I need to reinstall? just main stuff like WW and DD or animations, clothes, bodies, and everything else as well? Hell of a pain in the ass to redownload and install my entire mod list every time theres a game update. About how long does it take everyone to update their mods when the game updates?

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The previous few updates have been pretty minor, and most mods got away without a problem.  THIS one though, was huge and broke most script mods.  

If you're not clear how to avoid updating:  First, disable auto updates.  Now, you'll be told when there's an update, and it will not launch the game if you don't update.  So click cancel on the update, and then click Origin and Go Offline.  Now you can launch the game from its folder- I have a desktop shortcut already, not sure if everybody has that or not. 

Usually mods get updated within a couple of days, if the creator is still active.

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