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Its a stupid question, buttt.. how do you update new mods files for Sims 4?

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The game from Origin (that is the only official and valid source) does some auto-updates by default.

And usually they are good.


But these updates may make the mods you have (especially scripted mods) not working until they are updated.


Usually people (the mod creators) do quickly an update of their mods. But it still require a few hors or days (depends on the changed done by Origin.)


You can either:

1) Disable your mods and play the base game (some CAS mods should still work as before) until the scripted mods (WickedWhims, Basemental Drugs, etc) are updated.

2) Disable the auto-update of the game. And when there are updates, wait a few days before getting the updated mods and then letting the game update itself.

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sadly you missed a crucial part: preparation

proper subfoldering your mod makes finding them easier


Basically once the update is out, delete your old files and dump in the new ones


But: not all is lost, Windows Explorer has a search function. simply search for the mod file names you find in your updated mods to locate the ones to delete

Lucky for you most mods don't care where they are, so you will be able to reorder and update in one swoop - just be carefull to follow the rules of the few mods which need to be in the same folder together. Don't be afraid, most "patches" will be clean updated mods coming with all needed install instructions.


A good advice: remove all your mods reload a recent save and instantly use "save as" to create a new testing save then slowly rebuild your mod library, add mod stuff, load testing safe test it in game, rinse repeat for small patches of 5 mods at once as most - test heavy scripted mods likw WW, basemental drugs and so on alone. Once your testsave is running smoothly, open your favourate beverage, rejoice and load your last real save. Hopefully everything will be fine then.


But for now there is nothing you can do: This task will be the hardest for most off us: First we must wait for all the updated mods to be released.


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4 minutes ago, KimberlieJ said:

I don't really know about file updates and updating them when it comes to it.. would be nice to have Somone explained it to me without being rude or be rude but still explain it..idc.. as long as you explain it.. ty.

Not really a stupid question.


Do you know what mods you have installed?

I don't mean CC Makeup, Hairstyles, etc., I mean Script and Tuning mods, ie the ones that often get broken with game patches.

I know most of mine by memory and the others I know if/when I see their names.


Watch LL here for the Adult mods.

Search for Basemental Drugs to find his.

Same for MCCC but his won't be updated until the weekend as he is AFK now and probably on vacation.


Other non-adult mods watch here for their status:


Book mark it as she make a new thread for every game patch.


All you have to do is delete the old mod and replace it with the new one.

It helps to have each of these mods in their own folder with the name of the Mod so it's easier to find.


Make a list of all your mods in a txt file so you can use it as a checklist.


I make a new folder for every game patch named 'New Mods 6_20_21 Cottage Living  1.77' for example.

As I find updated mods I download and move them into the new folder as it can sometimes take a week to collect them all.

Once you have them all collected then you can usually update your game safely then.

Be sure to delete your localthumbcache.pkg in your TS4 folder whenever you add, remove, or update mods or the game itself.


Always play game offline and disable automatic game updates if you have Origin.

You won't get caught with an update surprise and not be able to play until all the mods are updated. 

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