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HTools+ (equippable tongues with auto mouth open)

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HTools+ (equippable tongues with auto mouth open)

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A simple yet useful modification of HTools mod by Halo (https://dysintropi.me/mods-archive/)  containing equipable tongues and feet, which makes tongues open mouth when equipped. Original mod not needed.

- MFGConsole or Sexlab (bundled with it)

- Probably SexlabSurvavial, since it uses the same assets.

- Halo for 99.9999% work

- Handle external expression modifications (currently will break on any)
- Move mouth open values to MCMconfig
- Check out possible SL Survival conflicts


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  • 2 weeks later...

No I use the LE version, it does not apply automatically, you have to activate it as a spell " tome " , then you are forced to apply it manually as a spell both on the PC and on other NPCs. 4 hours of play and testing, the toungues are not aligned, the mouth does not open. Appreciable attempt at mod, but at least in my game it doesn't work.

If some of these problems were fixed, I would certainly use it.

I really like the very idea of the mod,  and I hope to see further development

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Is this just for manual poses, or will this work automatically during SL animations that pop up during game play?

For SL animations i've made separate Ahegao mod



toungues are not aligned

Most of them are aligned for my head. I've had plans to move heights into some config file, but unfortunately there is no way to perfectly align for every possible skeleton.


then you are forced to apply it manually as a spell both on the PC and on other NPCs

I was forced to make it like this by some weird skyrim bugs. Initially the idea was to have both spells and manual equipment, but bethseda said no. For manual equipment there is v1.0.


the mouth does not open

Either you have no MFG+ (note the plus, not the one from nexus), MFG+ is overwritten by something, or i don't know. A good investigation start is cleansave with minimum mods installed.

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  • 3 months later...

After quite a bit of searching I've found several mods that use this for "Ahegao" but none for just oral sex. Does anyone know of any current or planned mods that do this? I don't care for Ahegao but I do care that in all of my "licking" sex animations, the characters just move their heads not their tongues.

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